It Takes a Team: Meet the players behind your relocation

February 17, 2022 - Defence Stories


Meet nine members of your relocation team

Relocation is a necessity in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It ensures that CAF members are provided the professional development and experiential opportunities to train in a variety of work environments and locations, both inside and outside Canada.

There will always be a certain amount of stress associated with moving, and leaving familiar settings, friends, and family behind. However, the CAF has built an entire team whose responsibilities are to support CAF members in their move.

Meet nine members of your relocation team, and learn the part they play to ensure your relocation is a success.

WHO: Director General Military Careers (DGMC), responsible for career management in the CAF.

WHAT: DGMC career managers move CAF members into available positions and issue posting instructions. Once you receive your posting instruction, you must register with the relocation contractor, BGRS, in order to access all the necessary information and tools to conduct your relocation.

WHO: CAF Relocation Coordinators

WHAT: Your CAF contact for any relocation information, they will help you navigate the relocation process, from providing guidance to assisting with any adjudications ­­– or applications for expense reimbursement outside of the Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Directive (CAFRD).

WHO: Commanding Officer (CO)

WHAT: COs assist the member during the relocation process by authorizing any number of requests, such a change in Report for Duty date, if required, and House Hunting Trip or Destination Inspection Trip applications.

WHO: BGRS, contracted by the Government of Canada to provide relocation services to the CAF.

WHAT: BGRS agents provide support services to CAF members and their families in all aspects of the relocation process, including professional advice, information, and financial assistance during the relocation. While they can advise on relocation benefits, they are unable to grant additional benefits outside of the CAFRD.

WHO: Third Party Service Providers (TPSP), available to assist you in the disposal and acquisition of your principal residence.

WHAT: These include: Rental Search Agents, Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Inspectors, Lawyers/Notaries. Participating TPSPs invoice directly with the Relocation Contractor, BGRS.

WHO: Director Military Careers Support Services (DMCSS), administrator of the Household Goods Removal Service contract, the services provided for the physical move.

WHAT: Books movers and provides CAF members with the Household, Goods and Effects (HG&E) report for claim finalization. Contact the local traffic section on the first business day after arrival to advise you are now at destination and are available to receive delivery of HG&E. Once your HG&E has been unloaded and unpacked, request a copy of the HG&E report for uploading to the Members Secure Website.

WHO: Orderly Room

WHAT: Tasked with processing the Posting Allowance for Regular Force members, which is paid on the Change of Strength date at the member’s gaining unit.

WHO: Director Relocation Business Management (DRBM), technical authority for the CAF Relocation Program.

WHAT: Provides oversight of the CAF relocation contract with BGRS to ensure that CAF members receive their benefits in accordance with the CAFRD. Authorizes the relocation contractor to administer your relocation file. Creates educational documents such as brochures and other products to assist members and their families. Upon registration, you will receive an Active Posting Season Relocation Assistance Package email from Director Relocation Business Management which includes information that will assist in your relocation, including contact information for your Relocation Coordinator.

WHO: Director Compensation and Benefits Administration (DCBA), the relocation policy owner (along with Treasury Board Secretariat).

WHAT: Among other powers, has ministerial authority to grant benefits outside of the CAFRD (through adjudications) for expense reimbursement related to relocation.

The tenth member of your relocation team is you. A successful relocation can only be achieved if CAF members familiarize themselves with the CAFRD and follow the guidance provided. From posting instruction to Final Statement of Account, a successful relocation is ultimately the responsibility of the CAF member.

RELOCATION 101 is a series of articles designed to help CAF members through their relocation, to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. For more information on relocation, see the Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Directive and

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