New Military Justice – Unit Level course now available on DLN 3.0

May 24, 2022 - Defence Stories

Imminent changes to the Military Justice System (MJS) resulting from the Victims’ Rights and Summary Hearing (VR&SH) Implementation effort have brought about the development of new training for all superior commanders, commanding officers and delegated officers.

The new training titled Military Justice - Unit Level (MJUL) replaces the Presiding Officer Certification Training. The focus of MJUL is on the summary hearing process. This new summary hearing process is designed to address minor breaches of military discipline at the unit level.

The successful completion of the MJUL training will provide the necessary certification for officers to conduct a summary hearing and, more generally, to perform their duties in the administration of the Code of Service Discipline. The MJUL training takes 8-10 hours to complete and is available in both Official Languages on DLN 3.0 (accessible only on the National Defence network).

To self-register for the MJUL training and final exam on DLN 3.0, search for “Military Justice – Unit Level (MJUL)” and “Military Justice – Unit Level (MJUL) – Final Test,” respectively. Note that registration for the Final Test cannot occur until after the training has been completed.

Superior commanders and commanding officers must complete this training by 20 June 2022, when the legislative changes come into effect. Delegated officer must complete this training before performing any duties under the Code of Service Discipline. Other chain of command disciplinary actors, such as custody review officers, investigators, charge layers, and assisting members, are also encouraged to complete this training before assuming their disciplinary duties.

Further information can be found at the CFMLC Sharepoint Site: Military Justice at the Unit Level (MJUL) (accessible only on the National Defence network) or by emailing the CFMLC at

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