Madame Arbour’s Final Report Released: What does it mean for the Defence Team?

June 6, 2022 -  Defence Stories

The recently released final Report of the Independent External Comprehensive Review (IECR) of DND/CAF provides 48 recommendations that fall within eleven areas of focus and seek to prevent and/or eradicate sexual harassment and misconduct in the DND/CAF.

Note: The release of this report may evoke a range of responses. Should you or someone you know have experienced an incident of sexual misconduct, there are resources available to support current and former members of the Defence Team.

The final report will be made available in an accessible format by mid-June 2022. In the meantime, key excerpts from the report can be found, and a full copy is available in PDF format by sending an email request to

What does this mean for the Defence Team today?

Work will begin immediately to implement 17 of the IECR’s recommendations - either through new efforts, or by strengthening existing programs already underway. This includes:

In addition to the recommendations for which immediate action will be taken, three sections in the report contemplate systemic change, which the DND/CAF has also committed to studying, analyzing, and developing plans to respond to them. This includes:

What’s next?

A report of this magnitude and level of detail requires a thorough analysis. The DND/CAF will now take a holistic approach to the more than 500 culture-related recommendations and tasks indexed from 19 different sources.

This will move us from a check-box, recommendation-focused approach, to addressing common thematic issues that will be linked to desired outcomes. This work is key for the DND/CAF in developing a Departmental Action Plan. The MND has committed to reporting to Parliament before the end of the year on how the government will implement the rest of the recommendations.

The DND/CAF will continue to listen to and learn from Defence Team members and external stakeholders and partners to ensure a fully collaborative approach as we move forward.

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