“This is For You” Awareness Advertising Campaign: Check out how you play an important role in recruitment

March 1, 2023 - Defence Stories


“This Is For You” shows civilians that the military has a wide range of opportunities and each person can find a role that fits their needs and/or interests.

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Awareness advertising campaign called “This is For You”. This new advertising campaign provides us with a unique opportunity to inspire Canadians to see themselves excelling and thriving within our ranks.

The campaign was developed to increase awareness of the CAF and showcase how the military can be a fulfilling career. As Defence Team members, you play a key role in shaping how the public views our organization. You all serve as ambassadors and there is no better way to support this campaign than to be a part of it.

Help spread the word about the new campaign and the many benefits that come with a career in the CAF - new and practical skills, a sense of purpose, paid benefits and continuous opportunities for growth.

So keep an eye out for the new ads that launched on February 27th on social media and digital platforms, as well as in movie theatres near you! You can also visit the “Get involved with Canadian Armed Forces recruitment” webpage for more information on the “This is For You” campaign and what went into its creation.

To find out more ways that you can get involved contact your local Public Affairs Officer. 

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