Joint Experimentation at the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre

August 10, 2023 – Defence Stories

The Canadian Joint Warfare Centre (CJWC) located at the Shirley’s Bay Campus in Ottawa, Ontario provides guided, integrated, and synchronized analysis of joint warfighting capabilities to produce data driven assessments and recommendations. The Joint Experimentation Section conducts experimentation and provides the coordination for national participation in international and national experimentation events.

International and National Coordination

BOLD QUEST (BQ). BQ is a joint and multinational demonstration and assessment of military capabilities and interoperability. CJWC is responsible for the planning and the coordination for BQ on behalf of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). BQ provides the CAF the ability to develop, enhance, and assess interoperability, pan-domain situational awareness, pan-domain command and control, and Federated Mission Networking (FMN) through participating in live fire capability demonstrations.

Joint Arctic Experiment (JAE). JAE is intended to contribute to the development of a CAF Arctic capability assessment by providing defence scientists (Defence Research and Development Canada) and CAF capability development staff with practical hands-on experience in the Arctic. In addition to demonstrating the capabilities and limitations of new and emerging technologies, JAE is intended to support the development of improved Arctic concepts, and potentially improve Arctic equipment design. JAE synchronizes these initiatives with Op NANOOK activities.


We use the scientific approach for defence experimentation to examine research questions. This systematic process includes designing the experiment, developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions. We have the experience and the facilities to design and execute empirical and concept-based experiments that yield implementable results. The outcomes include new defence concepts and capabilities that have been validated through scientific experimentation and recommendations for future experimentation. 

Current initiatives

Agile Pan-Domain Command and Control Experimentation Endeavour (APCCXe). This is a strategy used to improve decision-making and coordination across multiple domains and disciplines. It involves a continuous process of experimentation, evaluation, and adaptation. This approach requires a flexible and adaptable mindset, where leaders and operators are willing to test new approaches and technologies to optimize their performance. By leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies such as extended reality, organizations can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the operational environment and make informed decisions in real-time. APCCXe is essential for the Joint Warfighter to achieve a competitive edge and maintain operational readiness in today's rapidly changing world.

Responsive Limited Experiments (RLX). RLXs include short duration, focused and limited objective experiments used to verify a concept or capability that can be implemented immediately. Personnel engaged in operations frequently encounter problematic situations requiring a timely resolution. The requirements are identified, scoped, examined, and analysed on short timelines to provide validated operational solutions.

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