The Canadian Armed Forces enhances their benefits for ill and injured members

December 4, 2023 - Defence Stories

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) continues to enhance benefits for its ill & injured members. Since May 2021, several changes to Chapter 211 of the Compensation & Benefits Instructions (CBI)Footnote i have been introduced, including the removal of the geographic restrictions and basing the requirements on the medical needs of the ill and injured members for the Attendant Care Benefit, the Caregiver Benefit and the Spousal Education Upgrade Benefit. Effective August 1, 2023, the Treasury Board has approved further changes to CBI 211. These changes include greater flexibility for a wider range of authorized healthcare providers to enable better assessment of a CAF member's need for specific care/benefits; empowering the CAF to approve additional funding for the Home Assistance Benefit when necessary; and enhancing the clarity of the Next of Kin Travel Benefit. The reimbursement process for the Home Assistance Benefit (CBI 211.03) has been modified to increase the benefit level for eligible CAF members with better alignment to similar benefits provided by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

To better meet the needs of ill & injured CAF members, CAF leadership continues to collaborate with partners ensuring that affected members, their families, and the families of deceased members receive the necessary support ― all will now benefit from the improved comprehensive range of support, compensation, and benefits available.

CAF members are encouraged to discuss with their health care providers to determine if benefits would be suitable to complement their personal care plans and support their individual needs.

The Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group (CAF TG) provides a number of resources to assist ill & injured CAF members, veterans, and their families including:

To access casualty support services, CAF members can contact their local Canadian Armed Forces Transition Centre, and connect with a Services Coordinator who will provide guidance in identifying the services and benefits available to compliment individual needs.

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