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News Article / April 3, 2020

Are you a former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, or do you know someone who is?

The RCAF is actively seeking to re-enroll former members who can make an immediate contribution to Canada’s air and space capabilities based on their previous training and experience.

The fresh knowledge and perspectives gained from your subsequent non-military employment can greatly enhance air operations. Furthermore, re-enrollees are invaluable in the training and mentoring of the next generation of RCAF aviators.

While maintaining and modernizing existing capabilities, the RCAF is also expanding into new roles, including remotely piloted aircraft and the domain of space operations. The skills, leadership, maturity and experience of those with previous RCAF service can make a significant contribution to these operations.

The RCAF has a specific team that is dedicated to facilitating the re-enrollment of former members. The Air Force Intake and Liaison Team (AFILT), based in Ottawa, works closely with Canadian Forces Recruiting Group and Career Managers to streamline the re-entry process. In addition, they can provide individualized support and guidance to each re-enrollee’s file, ensuring that the process is as smooth and timely as possible.

There are many reasons why former members may consider rejoining the RCAF Team as a Regular or Reserve member. You may consider:

  • job security and stability
  • better pay and benefits
  • a team-oriented working environment
  • making a meaningful contribution to Canada and the world
  • improved individual and family support programs
  • the excitement of operations and working with leading-edge aerospace equipment
  • the lifetime security of an increased pension
  • the flexibility of full or part-time work

You may recognize some of these reasons, or have reasons of your own. If rejoining the RCAF Team ─ whether with the Regular or the Reserve Force─ appeals to you or someone you know, check out the RCAF re-enrollment website ( or contact the Air Force Intake and Liaison Team directly at:

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