Announcing the Royal Canadian Air Force Strategy

February 8, 2023 - Royal Canadian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) must modernize and evolve in response to a rapidly changing security environment. This evolution includes the introduction of tools never employed before by the RCAF, and upgrading or replacing a considerable proportion of our capabilities. The RCAF of 2035 will look very different from the RCAF of today.

“The new RCAF Strategy will guide us through this modernization and evolution. Strategy that ensures a coherent and succinct path for the future of air and space power,” said Commander of the RCAF, Lieutenant General (LGen) Eric Kenny. “This Strategy will enable us to effectively detect and deter threats, and when called upon, to fight and win.”

The foundation of the Strategy begins with a renewed commitment to value our people and invest in their future. “The RCAF Command CWO, Chief Warrant Officer Hall, and I recognize that our aviators and families display exceptional dedication and unwavering support, and we owe them the same,”

The Strategy also focuses attention on the right mix of capabilities to meet ongoing and future requirements in the defence of Canada. It speaks to always being ready to conduct operations and having the capacity to protect Canada’s interests at home and abroad. 

As emerging technologies continue to change the landscape of conflict, the RCAF must be proactive and act in a deliberate manner to outpace our adversaries by modernizing to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Finally, the RCAF status as a mission-ready and combat-capable force relies on the organization finding ways to more effectively engage and partner with allies, academia, scientists, industries and local communities for future successes.

“Together, we are building the RCAF that Canada needs: an agile, integrated and inclusive air and space force that can be relied on to achieve operational advantage,” says LGen Kenny. “The next decade is going to be one of significant change for the RCAF. Change for the better.”

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