Canadian Armed Forces completing Operation NANOOK 2019 

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Operation (Op) NANOOK, Canada’s annual northern sovereignty operation, will come to another successful conclusion on September 13. This operation is conducted in communities and locations across Canada’s Arctic including Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and the Northwest Passage. This year’s operation included the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), other Government Departments and Agencies, domestic, and international partners.

This year’s Op NANOOK was conducted in four parts:

  • Op NANOOK-NUNALIVUT: Northwest Territories, March 17-April 01
    o   Main focus: High Arctic winter operations
  • Op NANOOK-TATIGIIT: Yukon, May 27-June 07
    o   Main focus: Wildfire evacuation training
  • Op NANOOK-NUNAKPUT: Nunavut, August 11-30
    o   Main focus: Presence along and monitoring of Northwest Passage
  • Op NANOOK-TUUGAALIK: Northwest Passage, August 09-September 13
    o   Main focus: Naval presence along and monitoring of Northwest Passage

Common to all aspects of Op NANOOK is the respectful partnership between the CAF and the peoples and communities indigenous to Canada’s North. Canadian Ranger units and local governments all contributed greatly to the success of Operation NANOOK 2019.

An annual event since 2007, Op NANOOK enhances Canada’s surveillance and presence across its northernmost regions, strengthens coordination with whole-of-government partners and the way Canada’s military operates in arctic conditions. In addition, it provides the CAF opportunities to work with mission partners to 

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Members of 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (1RCR) deployed on Operation NANOOK-NUNALIVUT prepare their Light Over Snow Vehicles (LOSV) and load Qamutiks with supplies to support operations in Resolute Bay, NU on March 23, 2019. Photo: Avr Jérôme J.X. Lessard


“The ability of the Canadian Armed Forces to operate in the Arctic’s uniquely challenging environment is of vital importance to Canada’s overall security and the safety of the North’s communities. Specialized training and experience is needed for these complex military arctic and northern operations, as well as a deep understanding of the terrain and the vast logistical requirements. Our Canadian Rangers work with CAF members to share their valuable knowledge and skills about the North and Arctic, and in return the CAF provides them the means required to remain strong at home in the North. The success of these operations must also be shared with indigenous northern communities and other Government Departments and Agencies operating in the North.”

—   Brigadier-General Patrick Carpentier, Commander, Joint Task Force (North)

Quick facts

  • Military participants in Op NANOOK came from the regular force and reserve force of all environments, including the Canadian Rangers, Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force, and Royal Canadian Navy.

  • With the support of other Government Departments and Agencies, as well as local authorities, CAF members enhanced their ability and competency to operate in Canada’s northern regions.  

  • CAF achieved a number of objectives during Operation NANOOK 2019, including:

    • strengthening civil-military partnerships;
    • synchronizing operations between land, air and naval elements;
    • exercising traditional survival skills;
    • exercising the headquarters’ planning function to overcome complex logistical challenges; and
    • building community partnerships in key communities.
  • The Canadian Armed Forces conduct annual operations in northern Canada to strengthen security and cooperation with domestic and international partners.

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