Case Management Program

The Case Management (CM) program provides professional guidance to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members following illness or injury with the goal of facilitating the achievement of optimal health and wellness.  Nurse Case Managers in the program work together with the Primary Care teams and key partners such as CAF TG, VAC and SISIP in order to ensure continued access to health services and benefits as they return to duty or transition from the CAF to civilian life.   

CAF members who are referred to the CM program will receive guided support as they navigate through the steps of their medical release or return to duty.  Members who are seen by a Nurse Case Manager can expect to receive the following:

  • a family-centered approach to their health care
  • individualized assessments which include all aspects of health and well being
  • guidance with establishing personal goals that will support members through their journey
  • coordination of health care and administrative services
  • education and information about individual health concerns, services and benefits which support a seamless transition
  • collaboration with partners such as CAF TG, VAC and SISIP to develop a joint plan that will facilitate transition from the CAF health care system to the provincial and territorial health care systems 
  • collaboration with key partners  such as CAF TG, VAC and SISIP to ensure timely and appropriate administrative services
  • coordination of care while still serving in the CAF and while transitioning to VAC from the CAF

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