IDEaS - Bring your IDEaS to life!


Great ideas come from connections.

That’s why we connect Canada’s toughest defence and security challenges with creative innovators of all shapes and sizes, funding promising solutions.

Through our five funding elements, IDEaS supports innovators at all stages of their journey, from applied research to solution development to testing advanced prototypes.

Competitive Projects initially provides up to $200,000 so innovators can refine and advance their solutions.

Promising projects may be selected to receive up to an additional $1 million dollars to further push their technology forward.

Innovation Networks funds the creation of new research clusters in key strategic areas like advanced materials and 5G technology.

These networks encourage the free flow of ideas between academia, industry, and other partners to stimulate the collaboration that is critical to innovation.

Contests are an exciting way to find the best solutions by rewarding the most innovative approaches.

Innovators compete against their peers while building their professional networks.

Sandboxes give innovators the opportunity to demonstrate their concepts and prototypes in front of defence scientists, experts and potential end-users.

In turn, they receive valuable feedback to customize solution development.

Finally, Test Drives allow our defence team to test the readiness of advanced solutions to see if they can be a part of our future defence capabilities.

Build your network. Get funding to advance your technology. And get valuable feedback from National Defence experts.

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