Signed Contribution Agreements

The Department of National Defence solicited proposals to address challenges that arose as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges aimed to strengthen the response to COVID-19, as well as future pandemics, through the development of strategies to re-use protective gear, clean equipment and workspaces, gain real-time insight for decision making, and care for front line workers.

Please note that submission titles appear in the language in which they were originally submitted.

Additional information on Contribution Agreements is available on the Government of Canada Web page Proactive Disclosure - Grants and Contributions.

Recipients Selected for DND Funding (Phase 1 - up to $200,000 award)

In total, there were 462 proposals submitted for the COVID-19 challenges. Of these submissions, 18 proposals were accepted for Rapid Response: Real-time Insights for Pandemic Decision Making; 9 for Scrubbing your Scrubs: Finding Ways to Re-use COVID-19 Protective Gear; 13 for Super Sanitize: Cleaning Sensitive Equipment and Workspaces; and 8 for Moral Trauma on the Frontline – See, Prevent, Treat. The following table outlines the number of applicants from different areas, the percentage of proposals submitted, and the percentage of agreements issued.

Participants Proposals Received Agreements Awarded
Academia 31% 43%
Small & Medium Industry (< 500) 56% 50%
Large Industry 3% 4%
Non-for-profit organizations (NGO) 5% 3%
Individual Participants 5% 0%
Challenge Project Title (Titles appear in the language as originally submitted) Innovator Award Amount
Rapid Response: Real-time Insights for Pandemic Decision Making Telemonitoring Remote OUTbreak (TROUT) Thales Digital Solutions $198,690.96
Wastewater-based population infection ML models for early pandemic warning and forecast Thales Digital Solutions $199,138.58
Pandemic Outlook in Remote Areas MDA Systems Ltd $200,000.00
Community Outbreak Analysis & Impact Modelling System (COAIMS) CommunityLogiq Software Inc. $200,000.00
Infectious Disease Impact and Response Explorer – COVID-19 and Beyond Risk Sciences International Inc. $110,029.70
A scenario-based framework for generating locally relevant forecasts of COVID-19 infections and deaths based on best available science Apex Resource Management Solutions Ltd. $197,385.00
Locating emerging COVID19 hotspots in Ontario after community transmission by time-correlated, geospatial analysis Cytognomix Inc. $102,763.00
COVID-19 AI: An Augmented-Intelligence System for COVID-19 Governors of the University of Calgary $200,000.00
Short-cycle Community Transmission Modelling for Economic Restart Black Arcs Inc. $200,000.00
Breath Analytics using Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy to Detect SARS-CoV-2 Virus McMaster University $197,320.00
Development of an Air Surveillance Tool for Population-Wide COVID-19 Detection and Prediction The University of British Columbia $200,000.00
An AI-based Tool for the Analysis of Public Health Policy Options in Response to COVID-19 and other Infectious Diseases The University of British Columbia $199,985.00
Syndrome Anomaly Detection System (SADS) GoodLabs Studio Inc. $200,000.00
Syndromic Surveillance from Pharmacy Medication Sales OKAKI Health Intelligence Inc. $194,600.00
kitatipithitamak mithwayawin: Real-Time Data, Mobile Health, and Indigenous-Led Countermeasures to COVID-19 University of Manitoba $199,986.25
A Capability to Identify an Emerging Health Emergency and Estimate its Community-Level Disease Transmission Patterns OODA Technologies Inc. $199,985.00
COVID-19 Predictor: Identifying effective countermeasures, predicting turning points and flattening the epidemic curve Queen’s University $62,000.00
Pandemics: Prevent & Protect Sitata Inc. $184,200.00
Scrubbing your Scrubs : Finding Ways to Re-use COVID-19 Protective Gear Rechargeable, self-decontaminating Personal Protective Equipment and Operational Clothing and Equipment for personnel responding to events involving biological hazards The Governors of the University of Alberta $199,755.00
Modular Personal Protective Ensembles utilizing omniphobic and antimicrobial coatings for enhanced protection against COVID-19 The University of British Columbia $199,295.00
Electromagneto-oxidative disinfection system for PPE, operational clothing and solid objects University of Guelph $169,050.00
Scrubless scrubs: 3D printed materials, clothing, and coatings for self-sterilizing PPE and OCE Simon Fraser University $199,525.00
Reusable Masks with Self-Disinfecting Filter University of New Brunswick $199,999.38
Fast Disinfection of Personal Protective Equipment Exploiting the Microwave Resonance Properties of Pathogens Queen’s University at Kingston $165,313.00
Indoor light-activated, self-cleaning surfaces for continuous decontamination of transparent and non-transparent PPE in the field Evercloak Inc. $147,591.00
Sprayable Anti-Viral and Repellent treatment for Reusable Personal Protective Equipment (SAVRR-PPE) Texavie Technologies Inc. $189,000.00
A Low-Cost, Versatile, Mobile Disinfection Multi-purpose System Spectronix Inc. $197,800.00
Super Sanitize: Cleaning Sensitive Equipment and Workspaces The Utilization of the Sanozone Technology for Pathogen Deactivation and Sanitization Ground Effects Environmental Services $200,000.00
Multi-Robot Germicidal System Ryerson University $146,050.00
Use of biocompatible nanomolecules for multi-surface decontamination Nanotess Inc. $191,000.00
Easy-Clean, Easy-Apply, Durable, Antiviral and Antimicrobial Coating Integran Technologies Inc. $200,000.00
Développement d'un pulvérisateur électrostatique bipolaire sans fil Siozen Inc. $15,330.00
High Temperature Sanitizing Heating Apparatus DEW Engineering and Development ULC $199,510.00
A continuously active antimicrobial coating effective against Human Coronavirus 229E TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc. $200,000.00
Cold Plasma for Super Sanitizing Indoor Workplace and Sensitive Equipment McMaster University $195,256.00
“Geiger counter’ for the detection and destruction of aerosolized droplets with genetic material Ryerson University $199,997.00
Super sanitize: Cleaning sensitive equipment and workspaces by vortex gun Afel Technologies Incorporated $193,004.00
RepelWrap: a self-cleaning plastic wrap for keeping sensitive equipment and workplaces pathogen-free McMaster University $200,000.00
Hydroxyl Radical Sterilization Method and Portable Generator for this Process Parole Laboratories Inc. (PO-Laboratories) $200,000.00
Optimizing GermStopSQ Envision SQ Inc. $198,950.00
Moral Trauma on the Frontline – See, Prevent, Treat Moral Injury in Long-Term Care Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Assessment & Intervention Development Using An Innovative Multi-Method Approach University of Manitoba $104,701.76
Addressing Moral Injury and Extreme Stress Responses on the Frontline—Further Development of a Transdiagnostic Internet-Delivered Intervention for Mental Health Symptoms Related to COVID-19: RESTORE University Health Network (UHN) $199,525.00
Multi-modular Motion-Assisted Memory Desensitization and Reconsolidation (3MDR) with Essential Service Providers: Treating Moral Injuries Sustained in the Course of Service The Governors of the University of Alberta $199,720.51
Operationalizing the Concept of Moral Injury within Canadian Frontline Healthcare Workers: An Inductive, Grounded Theory Analysis Saskatchewan Health Authority $200,000.00
Worn down by "Wicked Moral Problems": Digitally-delivering a group moral injury intervention to frontline COVID-19 service personnel The Governors of the University of Alberta $176,639.99
Multidimensional assessment of COVID-19-related moral injury: From wounded psyche to brain, mind and body The University of Western Ontario $200,000.00
Predict, prevent and manage moral injuries in frontline healthcare workers and leaders facing the COVID-19 pandemic: solutions involving improvements of psychosocial working conditions and individuals' coping skills Laval University $200,000.00
Could Digital Interventions Help Understand And “Flatten The Curve” Of Distress Due To Moral Injury Among Health Care Workers During The COVID Pandemic? Unity Health Toronto $200,000.00

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