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Imagine sailing from harbour onboard an operational naval vessel. Imagine flying an aircraft simulator and then taking a ride in the real thing. Imagine watching a group of infantry soldiers crawl through barbed wire at night while live bullets whiz over their heads.

Now imagine that all the soldiers, sailors and air personnel that you see carrying out their duties around you also have civilian jobs – and the courage, leadership, knowledge and dedication they display can be yours for the asking.

It’s not imaginary – it’s very real and you can be there. ExecuTrek takes you to Reservists doing their jobs and learning new skills. You’ll even have a chance to take part in some of the activities. And you may even be surprised to discover one of your employees among those dedicated men and women in uniform.

The ExecuTrek Program gives employers, supervisors and human resources professionals a first-hand view of the quality of military training and the benefits that employers can gain from that training – trade skills, general work and management skills, values, work ethics and much more. Once you see them in action, you’ll want to take advantage of the ongoing professional development that the military offers. All it takes is agreeing to allow Reservists to take military leave without penalty to keep up with their military activities. You may also be interested in finding out how to hire Reservists for your company.

CFLC Provincial Chairs extend invitations to employers in their province to attend ExecuTreks, which are usually held in the same geographic region (if they’re not, CFLC will provide transportation). Are you interested in receiving an invitation? Contact your provincial chair, and tell him or her that you heard about ExecuTreks on the Web!

Reservists are also encouraged to submit nominations. If your employer, teacher or professor has never had the opportunity to see Canada's military in action, here is an opportunity to provide them with the experience. Please note that a nomination does not guarantee a seat on the ExecuTrek, but every effort will be made to accommodate bona fide nominations from members of the Reserve Force.

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