Surgeon General’s Health Research Program

The Surgeon General’s Health Research Program (SGHRP) directs, supports and assists in the research, technology, analysis, development, engineering and evaluation of outcome-based science and technology initiatives that affect the performance, health and welfare of all of the Canadian fighting forces wherever they serve, protecting Canadians at home or abroad.

Objectives of the program

There are five basic principles central to all Science and Technology (S&T) activities related to military medicine within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

  1. The S&T activities of the Health Services reinforce, support, and are consistent with the unique needs and health priorities related to the health and environment, and of our fighting forces wherever and in whichever capacity they may serve.
  2. The S&T activities of the Health Services are aimed at analyzing and evaluating existing issues, supporting the development of policies and practices, increasing knowledge and formulating recommendations that will help improve the protection, performance, health and well-being of all fighting forces.
  3. The S&T projects of the Health Services, whatever their scope, incorporate ethical criteria in the design, methodology, analysis, review, recommendations, and implementation of force protection strategies (notably, related to health) for the CAF.
  4. CAF personnel are given opportunities and incentives to engage in S&T activities and achieve positive outcomes for the CAF, thereby increasing the number of qualified, competent members of the Health Services S&T team supporting CAF personnel.
  5. The aim of this program is to enhance institutional credibility and ensure the achievement of positive outcomes that will lead to mission success.

How to apply

Research proposals are submitted to the Surgeon General´s Health Research portal for approval.  Access to this portal is limited to personnel from the Department of National Defence (DND).  Individuals from an agency outside of the department must identify a DND member who will act as a liaison and submit the proposal on behalf of the research partnership.  Each proposal is evaluated by the SGHRP based on Military Relevance, Military Impact and Scientific Merit.  Proposals should be goal-oriented with clearly defined milestones and geared toward applied science.

Application forms and assistance in preparing health research proposals are available upon request by contacting CFHS-SSFC-S&

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