Suggested reading list

This page is a bibliographic listing of books and articles on ethics recommended by the Defence Ethics Programme.


General readings in ethics

KIDDER, Rushworth M., Moral Courage, Harper Collins Publishers, 2003. (308 pages) ISBN-006-059154-4

RACHELS, James, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, McGraw-Hill Inc., 1986. (168 pages) ISBN 007-553939

SPENCER, Emily J., & Dr. Daniel Lagacé-Roy, Ethical Decision-Making in the New Security Environment, Vol. 2, Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2006. (149 pages) ISBN 978-0-662-47335

Government ethics

DAVIS, Barry, Susie Kukkonjen, Mark Scullard & Julie Straw, The Work of Leaders, Wiley: San Francisco, 2013. (218 pages) ISBN 978-1-119-02204-6

Éthiques et dilemmes dans les organisations, Les Presses de l’Université Laval, 2005.  (183 pages) ISBN 2-7637-8316-3

FORBES, Ian & Mark Hoffman, Political Theory, International Relations and the Ethics of Intervention, St. Martin’s Press, 1993. (249 pages) ISBN 0-333-47376-0

LEGAULT, Georges A., Professionnalisme et délibération éthique, Presses de l’Université du Québec, 2004. (290 pages) ISBN 2-7605-1033-6

Military ethics

CHESTERMAN, Simon, Just War or Just Peace? Humanitarian Intervention and International Law, Oxford, 2001. (295 pages) ISBN 0-19-924337-9

Défense nationale, Servir avec honneur, Défense nationale, 2009. (81 pages) ISBN 0-662-675661-4

GABRIEL, Richard A., À la manière des guerriers, Presse de l’Académie canadienne de la Défense: Kingston, 2009. (233 pages) ISBN 978-1-100-9036-9

GABRIEL, Richard A., The Warrior’s Way: A Treatise on Military Ethics, Canadian Defense Academy Press: Kingston, 2009. (233 pages) ISBN 978-1-100-9036-9

National Defence, Duty with Honour, National Defence, 2009. (81 pages) ISBN 0-662-67561-4

SORABI, Richard, & David Rodin, The Ethics of War: Shared Problems in Different Traditions, Ashgate, 2007. (253 pages) ISBN 0-7546-5449-4

STOUFFER, Lieutenant-Colonel Jeff, & Dr. Stefan Seiler, Military Ethics: International Perspectives, Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2010. (307 pages) ISBN 978-1-100-16318-5

WALKER, Robert W., Institutional Leadership in the Canadian Forces: Contemporary Issues, Canadian Defence Academy Press, 2007. (203 pages) ISBN: 978-0-662-45200-3

WALZER, Micheal, Just War and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations, 2nd edit., Basic books: New York, 1992. (400 pages)  ISBN: 046037011

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