Requesting repairs or maintenance for your unit

Our Housing Services Centres are your first point of contact for repairs and maintenance.

We look at the health and safety of our families and communities first when scheduling maintenance and repairs; including if the repair is critical to your family’s health and safety and whether it is needed to prevent further deterioration of your home.

Your local Housing Services Centre will prioritize work based on the following repair and maintenance priorities:

  • Emergency – A problem in your home is considered an emergency if it affects your health and safety or if leaving it untended would cause significant damage to your personal property or home. You can expect immediate action, day or night, in these circumstances. We will make the situation safe and begin work to minimize risk of injury or damage to the property or the environment. Subsequent work may be required in the following days. 
  • Same day service – This category applies to situations that could have an impact on your health or safety or cause damage to your home, but is not as urgent as above. This may include blocked drains, leaking pipes, no hot water, etc.
  • Routine maintenance – We aim to fix these problems within 14 days. Your customer service representative will tell you how long it will take and notify you if it will take longer than anticipated. These problems would include repairs such as countertop replacements, flooring repairs, etc.

In other situations, we will decide when to do the work. For example, in an effort to reduce disruptions to families, we may consider waiting until there is a change of occupancy.

Other considerations factored into the decision-making include:

  • Can the work be done now, or can it wait?
  • Is the work required to meet current codes or standards?
  • Will the work benefit both current and future households?
  • Can the work be done using the home’s current structure?
  • What can be done while the home is occupied?

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