Cadet Summer Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will the Cadet summer training look like in 2024?

Cadet summer training is designed to offer a variety of courses that will allow cadets to develop skills and leadership to support programming at their community corps or squadrons. There will be an anticipated 12 cadet training centres (CTCs) in operation offering courses for cadets who have completed year two and above. The CTC locations are Argonaut CTC, Valcartier CTC, St Jean CTC, Bagotville CTC, HMCS Ontario CTC, Trenton CTC, Blackdown CTC, Cold Lake CTC, Rocky Mountain CTC, Whitehorse CTC, Vernon CTC and HMCS Quadra CTC. Incorporating lessons learned has helped the 2024 summer training plan to address gaps as we continue to reinforce the Cadet Program. Courses have been expanded to focus on activities that support the development of our youth leaders which will in turn, strengthen the programs delivered within our corps and squadrons.

Why was information about 2024 summer training delayed?

Information was made available as resources required for a successful conduct of summer training became available.  A number of factors are considered when planning summer training. Availability of personnel, equipment, food services, transportation, infrastructure, accommodations, and medical support are all essential for a successful summer training program. 

Why was the staff application process opened before all information about 2024 summer training was released?

As the availability of personnel is critical to both the safe operation of cadet training centres and healthy work-life balance, the decision was made to open the staff application process based on the confirmed cadet training centre information available at that time. This allowed for potential staff to consider opportunities while preparation for summer training continued.

What can we expect for Adult Staff employment in Summer 2024?

The 2024 Summer Training plan has been developed to maximize opportunities for cadets while considering staffing levels. Staff can anticipate opportunities for professional development and conditions that will foster healthy work-life balance. 

When can I expect to hear if I have been accepted for a summer training position?

Initial offers for summer training positions are expected to be delivered in late March for adult staff, mid-April for staff cadets and advanced courses, and late April for course cadets. Please note, that some who are initially selected for a position at a cadet training centre may decline the offer. This may result in positions being offered in May and June.

Will there be a Cadet Activity Program (CAP) for the Summer Cadet Training Program 2024?

The Cadet Activity Program will not operate during the summer of 2024. After multiple years of CAP implementation, lessons learned indicated that the community-based day camp model posed unique challenges to resources and that cadets would be better served by realigning efforts.

Considering feedback from cadets and staff, summer training for year two cadets will transition to cadet training centres. The focus for developing year one cadets will be on providing robust and dynamic locally-, area- and regionally directed activities.

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