Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Update on Cadet Clothing Program – Cadet Uniforms

  1. Cadet clothing represents a portion of the larger Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) uniform contract that must meet the needs of not only the Canadian Cadet Organizations (CCO) but all CAF personnel.
  2. As part of the in-year budget reductions for Fiscal Year (FY) 13-14 for DND/ CAF, we were informed that for FY 13/14, our share of the reduction would be $2M.
  3. To ensure an even distribution of the available clothing remaining, the distribution of clothing had been temporarily frozen to enable time to analyse existing stock, identify those Cadets who have uniforms and then continue with a limited distribution of only one uniform per Cadet. 
  4. We are fully aware that wearing a cadet uniform comes with an immense feeling of pride and belonging for Cadets. My current priority is to provide all Cadets a minimum of one complete uniform to wear, be it Distinctive Environmental Uniforms (DEU), Field Training Uniforms (FTU) or Sea Training Uniforms (STU) while participating in regular training nights at their local Cadet Corps and Squadrons.
  5. To achieve that goal, effective immediately, the following mitigation efforts will now occur: 
    1. all Unit clothing accounts with Logistik Unicorp will be activated and made available with limited FY 13/14 funds that have been apportioned to the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) Commanding Officers (COs).
    2. RCSU COs have been directed to prioritize allocation in an equitable fashion to Cadet Corps/Squadron Commanding Officers.
  6. Once every Cadet has a uniform, RCSU COs have been directed to stop spending and inform us so that we can redistribute as necessary. This will also ensure that resources are available for any new Cadets that may join the program between now and end March 2014. 
  7. For all new Cadets without uniforms, I have directed that the following occur: 
    1. Outer wear clothing such as the parka must not be ordered as this will quickly deplete the available money due to the cost of this single item. Regrettably you will have to wear your personal parka over your uniform if the weather conditions warrant it.
    2. All Sea Cadets and Air Cadets be issued and wear only the DEU order of dress, so that they have a uniform that they can wear for drill nights and out in public (albeit inside for the winter).
    3. For activities that require another type of uniforms please be flexible and permit the wearing of STU (if already in their possession), civilian attire or obtain clothes from CSTC warehouse stock temporarily.
    4. All Army Cadets be issued and wear only the new FTU order of dress, units can decide to have mixed orders of dress but all Army Cadets will receive this uniform so uniformity is possible, for those on initial issue with only FTU a beret and a badge can also be ordered with the FTU.
    5. When C3 funding for FY 13/14 is fully expended, DEU/FTU/STU stock on hand at CSTCs/corps/squadrons, should be temporarily issued to those Cadets who do not have a uniform. 
  8. Recovery of uniforms is also a solution. Every effort should be made to collect uniforms that are no longer being used. All Cadet Corps/Squadron COs are strongly encouraged to provide spare kit to those who need it.
  9. I also urge all Cadets to dig into their closets for uniforms that they no longer wear and to seek out those uniform pieces that friends no longer with the program may have. I am certain that our Senior Cadets across the country can lead by example and can rise to the occasion.
  10. It is also important to note that there is no impact to the initial kitting of the Army Cadet FTU. Funding for these items was already committed to be spent within this fiscal year; Army Cadet Corps are encouraged to continue to procure and use this item.The army FTU is in fact a part of the solution to ensure that all Army Cadets have a uniform.
  11. Moving forward, the reality is that funding for cadet clothing is not unlimited and we all have to work together to ensure that cadets are supported to the greatest extent possible.
  12. I ask all leaders in the whole Cadet Program to step up their leadership and maintain a positive approach that does not make an issue of uniform shortages but rather focuses upon the continuation of the program to the best of our ability.
  13. We are all on the same team and I am confident that our flexibility and ingenuity will be the keys to success.
  14. I thank you for your continued support and understanding. Together, I am confident that we can achieve success and see to it that every Cadet has a minimum of one uniform to wear. 
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