Cannabis Direction Amendment 1

  1. The purpose of this CANCDTGEN is to provide further amplification to reference WRT cannabis recreational usage and possession at CTCs.

  2. Parents have entrusted us with their children and we need to provide the proper care and oversight and doing our due diligence to provide a secure environment at all times. With the exception of prescribed medical cannabis, a ban on recreational usage and possession of cannabis is consistent with ensuring the safety and well-being of all staff and cadets at CTC. Therefore, the recreational usage or possession of cannabis will not be allowed on CTC premises, or during CTC sponsored activities that occur outside of CTC premises. ‚ÄéThis is regardless of the local base policy. We are responsible for youth vice adults, therefore a firm stance must be applied to the CTC environment.

  3. In addition, the period of prohibition of 24 hours before any known or expected operation of a vehicle or mobile support equipment will apply to canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, etc.

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