Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Canadian Cadet Organizations Navigation Manual

  1. Navigation training is taught during phase training, CTC courses and CIC training. The courseware for each of the navigation performance objectives (PO) was developed at different times during the Cadet Program Update and CIC courses updates. This led to gaps in navigation training between the corps program, CTC courses and CIC training. To bridge the gap, a complete review was conducted of all navigation training and the courseware combined into a new document, A-CR-CCP-625/PG-001, Canadian Cadet Organizations Navigation Manual.

  2. The new manual contains the assessments, lesson specifications and instructional guides for navigation training for Phases 4 and 5, Ship’s Boat Operator (SBO), Boatswain Mate (BM) and the Sea Environmental Training Course (SETC) for CIC Officers. The Manual starts with basic navigation and progresses through to advanced skills. Therefore, only certain Enabling Objectives (EO) are required for the completion of the POs and Chapter 2 defines the PO requirement for each phase and course.

  3. Summary of the changes, include:

    1. removal of complementary navigation training from Phase 4;

    2. combining of the two Phase 5 self-study packages;

    3. a secondary test for SBO and BM rewrites;

    4. SETC navigation training using the same chart as the cadets;

    5. pictorial answer keys to assist with the marking of the charts and all answer keys include the chart version used to determine the answers; and

    6. removal of the station pointer.

  4. The timing allocations for navigation training has not changed for the corps, CTC or SETC and no change to DL content for SETC.

  5. The Navigation Manual is effective immediately. Document updates are:

    1. 1 Jun 17 for SBO and BM incorporated into the courseware for those courses;

    2. 1 Sep 17 for Phases Four and Five and the interim amendment is located on the CCO Extranet in the Phase Four and Five folders; and

    3. 1 Oct 17 for SETC and document updates will be done during the cyclical process.

  6. The Navigation Manual is located on the CCO Extranet under Cadet Training Tab / Sea Cadets / Phases 4 and 5 and on the Defence Learning Network (DLN) inside the Knowledge Base / CIC / CCDs / SETC folder.

  7. Corps / CTCs / CIC training requiring navigation instruments (including new chart versions) should contact their J4s through their chain of command.
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