Canadian Cadets General Order (CANCDTGEN) 029/20 - Detailed Health Questionnaire 

DND 2570 – Detailed Health Questionnaire (DHQ) (07-2020)

1. The purpose of this CANCDTGEN is to announce the publication of the official 2020 version of the Detailed Health Questionnaire and to inform personnel of the most significant changes.

2. This new version has many changes and this order will highlight the most significant ones.  This form will be used starting for the 2020/21 training year, and the process for submission has not changed. Corps/Sqns will print them out from Fortress, give them to parents and the parents will complete and return to Corps/Sqn in sealed envelope that will be mailed to the Regional Medical Liaison Officer (RMLO). For this Training Year (2020/2021), all DHQs that have already been completed, using the old version printed from Fortress, will still be accepted.

3. Changes include:

a. Formatting: 4 pages of questions with 1 page of instructions, all on 8 1/2 X 11 paper to avoid printing issues.  

b. Revisions:

    i. Section 1 now includes Cadet Identficiation Number and Provincial Health numbers as well as tombstone              headings on each subsequent page, which will auto populate from Fortress.

            ii. Section 3 includes new questions, many that require more specific information and less ability for yes and no                       answers. This change will assist the RMLOs to ensure tailored participation limitations (PLs) are assigned to the                  cadet.

c. Additions: Parent contact information on bottom of page to enable easy contact with parents at a preferred number.

d. Instruction page: provides direction for Corps/Sqn, identifies age of majority by province, discusses annual validations, changes to medical conditions and a Medical Condition Disclosure that recommends parents discuss their cadets’ medical condition with the Corps/Sqn CO/Staff.

4. Important Corps/Sqn Actions

a. Print the form out of fortress; NO hand written copy in sections 1 and 2 will be accepted by RMLOs

b. Insure that all parts of the form are printed correctly and are legible. Photo copies will not be accepted by the RMLO.

c. Give the form to the Parents/Guardian. 

d. Review information in Section 1 and 2 with parents to ensure correctness. If errors are present correct immediately and reprint the DHQ.

e. Brief Parent/Guardians on their role in completing this form and draw their attention to the instruction page.

f. Be sure to advise parents to answer the questions completely every year a DHQ is submitted.

g. Emphasis on submissions of DHQs to RMLOs NLT 30 Nov of current parade year. This form is for the entire parade year not just Cadet Training Centres. Late submission of the DHQ may hamper your cadets’ ability to be course/trg loaded or participate in Regionally/Nationally Directed activities. 

h. Remind parents if there are NEW conditions, or changes in the cadets’ condition they are to advise the Corps/Sqn and then a NEW DHQ is required.

5. Important Parent Actions

a. Review with your Corps/Sqn, the info in section 1 and 2 for correctness if errors present, advise Corps/Sqn immediately so corrections can be made and this form can be reprinted, from Fortress, before you answer it.

b. Answer all the questions with as much information as possible.

c. Be sure that the correct person signs this form – see Age majority directions on the instruction page.

d. Include their day/evening telephone number as well as email address in case the RMLOs need to contact them directly about their cadet.

e. Seal the form in the envelope provided by Corps/Sqn, do not return the direction pages and make sure cadets name is on outside.

f. Return it to the Corp/Sqn or mail it to your RMLO as directed by your unit.

6. Inquiries or comments regarding the DHQ can be directed to the Natl CJCR Sp Gp OPI, National Medical Liaison Officer (NMLO) or the Regional Medical Liaison Officer in your region.


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