Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

CCONet Computer Mandatory Update

  1. CJCR Information Technology Service Management Centre (IT SMC) has released a new configuration for CCONet computers that requires them to be updated. This is a mandatory update that must applied to all CCONet computers, in order to maintain its reliability and the integrity of the assets and the network.
  2. All users currently in possession of a CCONet computer must complete the update before 30 April 2021. An email including the complete procedure to proceed has been sent to all corps/squadron generic mailboxes. A detailed procedure is available on at the following link. On 1 May 2021, the update will be automatically triggered when connecting to the CCONet. This update will take a long time to be downloaded and installed. It is acknowledged that certain computers are currently out of reach due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that these assets will not be updated until they are recovered and connected to the CCONet.
  3. Note that all CCONet computers must be connected to the network at least once per month (for a least 12 consecutive hours) in order to obtain all the required updates.
  4. Corps/squadrons are reminded that computers that are not used/required can be returned to the IT SMC. Corps/squadrons will maintain their entitlement for these assets and can have them returned if the situation change or needs arise.
  5. For information and support about the mandatory update or the return of assets, please contact the CJCR IT SMC Service Desk at 1-855-252-8082 or by email at

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