Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Transition of Screening for Existing Volunteers

Refs: A. CJCR Gp Order 5010-0, Adult Screening

B. Transition Plan: CJCR Gp Order 5010-0, Adult Screening dated 3 Jun 21

  1. Screening of adults who will or may have direct contact with cadets is an essential process to prevent wrongdoing or abuse of youth participating in the Cadet Program. In accordance with reference A, all adults who will or may have direct contact with a cadet must complete the appropriate level of screening. The screening requirements are based on the type of support or engagement to the Cadet Program and the level of supervised or unsupervised interaction the adult has with cadets.
  2. The screening process for COATS members and CIs has always been the responsibility of the CJCR, and until recently all other adults completed the screening process through the applicable Cadet League. In accordance with reference B, adults previously screened by a Cadet League whose screening has not yet expired yet, are permitted to apply to become CJCR volunteers without having to complete a new police record check (PRC) and vulnerable sector screening (VSS). The CJCR will verify with the Cadet Leagues that they have reviewed the adult’s PRC and VSS and has found them suitable.
  3. To facilitate the transition of adult screening from the responsibility of a Cadet League to the CJCR, the following process will be implemented:
    1. Corps/Squadron COs will have all adults who have been previously screened by a Cadet League complete the Annex A of reference A, Adult Screening Application Form and will submit completed forms to the RCSU. The adult will check “Renewal” in “Application Type” and next to the checkbox will include the serial number from their Cadet League provided identification card;
    2. the RCSU will enter the adult’s full name and Cadet League serial number in the Volunteer Screening Verification Tool to verify the adult has been screened by the Cadet League and will obtain the expiry date of the screening;
    3. the RCSU will complete the “For Use by CJCR and/or designated agent only” section of the form. The RCSU will make the following notes:
       i. in the “Interview Completed”, “First Reference” and “Second Reference” indicate that the adult was previously screened by a Cadet League; and
       ii. in the “PRC/VSS” date of completion enter the information found in the Volunteer Screening Verification Tool.
    4. the RCSU will enter all relevant data on accepted volunteers into Monitor MASS;
    5. the RCSU will provide the Corps/Squadron CO with a verified list of all of their screened adults, including the screening expiration date and screening level; and
    6. the RCSU will confirm with the Cadet Leagues which adults are now being managed by the CJCR.
  4. Questions may be directed to CJCR HQ J1 at:

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