Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Access and use of Cadet365 by Cadets

1. Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) is initiating the onboarding of all cadets to Cadet365 starting in February 2022, with an anticipated completion by the end of August 2022. Onboarding will occur as a phased in approach commencing with the year 5 (qualified) cadets and moving down through to year 1 cadets. Direction and guidance regarding this onboarding process can be found below with additional coordinating instructions communicated through the Regional Cadet Support Units (RCSU).

2. All virtual components of Cadet Training Centre (CTC) 2022 courses will be conducted using Cadet365. Therefore, course cadets and staff cadets will be fully onboarded prior to the start of the summer.

3. Cadet365 is easily accessible and provides the security and privacy features required by CJCR. Therefore, once the initial onboarding of all cadets is complete, Cadet365 will be used for all cadet activities, and the use of secondary platforms for collaboration should not be required.

4. DCOS IM/IT is the Office of Primary Interest for the integration of cadets to Cadet365, however execution is accomplished through RCSUs. Corps/squadron staff should expect additional information from their chain of command and continue to check for the most up-to-date Cadet365 resources.

Access and Password Management:

5. CJCR will create usernames and initial passwords for all cadets, which will be provided to the corps/squadron through Fortress.

6. Corps/squadron staff are required to:

  1. provide cadets with their initial username and password, and to assist them with their initial login;
  2. provide each cadet with a link or copy of CJCR Group Order 6003-2, Acceptable Use of Virtual Engagement Platforms, prior to providing credentials;
  3. provide account credentials only to cadets who are considered active. Account credentials should not be issued to cadets that are not attending cadet activities, or who will soon be struck off strength;
  4. distribute account credentials individually to cadets in order to maintain account privacy and integrity;
  5. promptly distribute account credentials to cadets, especially for those who may be attending CTC, in order to avoid last-minute issues;
  6. ensure cadets complete the online cyber awareness course once they have completed their initial login. Any cadet selected for CTC 2022 will be required to complete the online cyber awareness course prior to the start of summer training; and
  7. contact the IT Service Desk should the need arise to remove a cadet’s access from Cadet365 due to disciplinary or other issues. When doing so, corps/squadron staff must provide the cadet’s corps/squadron, CIN, and full name.

7. Cadets who are struck off strength in Fortress will lose access to Cadet365 within a week.


8. CJCR is working to create self-service tools, easy-to-use resources, and intuitive navigation within Cadet365. Current Cadet365 resources, training, tools, and procedures for all users can be found at

9. Support to cadets should be handled by peers and local staff as much as possible. Additional resources will be posted on the web site indicated above to assist staff and cadets to identify and resolve common issues.

10. As a last resort, the IT Service Desk may be contacted. To better identify cadets, it is preferred that corps/squadron staff contact the IT Service Desk on their cadet’s behalf. IT Service Desk personnel are authorized to provide a cadet’s Cadet365 account credentials to corps/squadron staff as necessary. The IT Service Desk may be contacted as follows:

  1. Email:; or
  2. Phone: 1-855-252-8082.


11. As cadets are onboarded to Cadet365, they will gain access to an email address, chat, and videoconferencing services. Cadet365 presents a new situation where the participation of cadets and the required supervision, now extends to online platforms.

12. To promote and maintain a cybersafe environment, corps/squadron staff are encouraged to oversee their cadet’s activities and promote cybersafe education about the use of virtual platforms and communications, and address concerns with parents. Cybersafe resources are available at: IT Security and Cyber Awareness - Additionally, Group Order 6003-2, Acceptable Use of Virtual Engagement Platforms, serves as guidance for all corps/squadron staff and cadets.

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