11-08 Annex A - Code of Environmental Stewardship

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

1. The Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence commit to:  

  1. integrate environmental concerns with operational, financial, safety, health, economic development and other relevant concerns in decision making;
  2. meet or exceed the letter and spirit of all applicable federal environmental laws and, where appropriate, to be compatible with provincial and international standards; 
  3. improve the level of awareness throughout the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence through environmental awareness training, and encourage and recognize the actions of personnel leading to positive impacts on the environment; 
  4. practice pollution prevention in day-to-day activities/operations by seeking cost effective ways of reducing the consumption of raw materials, toxic substances, energy, water and other resources, and of reducing the generation of waste and noise; 
  5. ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into procurement policies and practices; 
  6. recognize that the life cycle aspects of hazardous materials management (initial selection, procurement, use, handling, storage, transportation and disposal) is an essential factor in all DND/CF planning with particular emphasis put on the determination whether the material should even be acquired given its characteristics; and 
  7. acquire, manage and dispose of lands in a manner that is environmentally sound, including the protection of ecologically significant areas. 

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