12-50 Annex A - Inspection Consent Form

Ordonnances sur l'Administration et l'Instruction des Cadets (OAIC)

Inspection conscent

Inspections and Searches

At different moments during the training or activity, the cadet may be subjected to an inspection of his/her sleeping accommodations, luggage, kit, equipment, locker(s) or storage area(s). These will be conducted or supervised by a Canadian Armed Forces member, and will serve to verify that:

  • the cadet’ sleeping accommodations, locker(s) and storage area(s) are clean and orderly;
  • the cadet is carrying the proper equipment and it is in good condition and properly maintained;
  • the cadet’s health and safety is not at risk; and
  • the cadet does not have prohibited, restricted or unauthorized items in his/her possession, as listed in the joining instructions or other information document provided under separate correspondence.

If found, prohibited and restricted items will be handed to the applicable police agency (military or civilian) with some exceptions, while unauthorized items shall either be confiscated for the duration of the training or activity or sent back to the cadet’s home at the parents expense, whichever is more practical and economical with some exceptions.

Corrective measures could be taken against a cadet for failing any criteria or search or for refusing to submit to an inspection, in accordance with CATO 15-22 Conduct and Discipline – Cadets, up to and including being expelled from the training or activity.

If needed, searches of a cadet’s person, property, lockers, luggage, kit or sleeping area for the purposes of discovering contraband, illicit or stolen property, or some evidence of guilt to be used in the prosecution of an offence, will be conducted only by the Military Police or a civilian police agency.

Section 1 – Activity Details





Basic description: 

Section 2 – Cadet’s Acknowledgement

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I will be subjected to inspections and, if applicable, searches for reasons and under the conditions described above during the activity identified in Section 1.

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Section 3 – Parental Consent

I, the undersigned, hereby consent to my child being inspected and, if applicable, searched for reasons and under the conditions described above during the activity identified in Section 1.

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