13-16 Annex G - The Colonel Robert Perron Award

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. Recognizing and rewarding cadet achievements are essential aspects of youth development. Furthermore, an award related to physical fitness is particularly important considering the related aim and associated participant outcome within the Cadet Program Mandate in CATO 11-03.

2. This annex provides the eligibility criteria and explains the selection process for the Colonel Robert Perron Award.

Award Description

3. The Colonel-Robert-Perron Award for Excellence in Physical Fitness (hereinafter referred to as the “Perron Award”) is a national award that is presented annually to the top male and female cadets who demonstrate the best physical fitness.

4. The Perron Award is based on the fitness components for the Cadet Fitness Assessment Incentive Program described in CATO 14-18 and graded using the Perron Award Scoring Matrix available at Appendix 1.

Award Eligibility

5. Any cadet aged 15 or older can voluntarily undergo the physical fitness test and apply for the Perron Award.

Award Timeline

6. The following timeline will apply:

  1. Testing period: 1 September - 31 March each year;
  2. Nomination deadline: 15 April;
  3. Award winners selection and announcement: First week of May; and
  4. Award presentation: Presented by D Cdts & JCR or a representative, between May-August (i.e. ACR, CSTC ceremony, etc.).

Fitness Assessment Details

7. The fitness test shall be conducted in accordance with CATO 14-18 and is comprised of all the following fitness-area tests:

  1. 20-m Shuttle Run Test, which is scored by the number of laps completed;
  2. curl-up, which is scored by counting the number of curl-ups completed repeatedly at a pace of one curl-up every three seconds;
  3. push-up, which is scored by counting the number of push-ups completed repeatedly at a pace of one push-up every three seconds;
  4. shoulder stretch, which shall be completed on both the right and left arms by measuring the ability to touch hands; and
  5. back-saver sit and reach (20 cm for male and 30 cm for female), which shall be completed for each leg by measuring the distance the cadets can reach with their hands.

The two fitness-areas shall be tested for the muscular flexibility component (7.d.-7.e.).

8. The achievement results for each fitness-area test are to be recorded for each participating cadet and validated by the test supervisor using the Application Form at Appendix 2.

Fitness Test Scoring Details

9. Once achievement results have been recorded as per paragraph 8, staff will use the Scoring Matrix at Appendix 1 to obtain the score for each fitness-area test of the test and record the score on the Application Form at Appendix 2.

10. Calculations are simply made by matching the achievement result with its corresponding score (0 to 100 points or 0 to 50 points) located in the same row of the scoring matrix for three of the five fitness-area tests. For the two other fitness-area tests, score will be 50 each if succeeded, otherwise zero. After all fitness-area tests have been scored, simply add the scores to determine the overall score out of a possible 400 points.

11. In the event of a tie, individual fitness-area tests scores will be compared in the order presented in paragraph 7 until the winner is identified.

Award Nomination

12. Once scores have been calculated and validated by the fitness test supervisor, the Commanding Officer will endorse the results of the cadet with the most points on the Application Form at Appendix 2.

13. The Corps/Squadron CO, in which cadets voluntarily participate, shall submit the Perron Award Application Form by the nomination deadline of 15 April to Detachment or RCSU either by fax, by mail or by scanning the completed form and attaching it to an e-mail. Each corps/squadron may submit one male and one female nomination.

14. The RCSU shall select the best three male and female candidates from their region and forward a copy of the application forms to D Cdts and JCR prior to 30 April.

Award Winners Selection

15. During the first week of May, applications will be reviewed to identify the male and female cadet who attained the highest fitness test score. Any tie will be broken in accordance with paragraph 11.

16. The results will be presented to D Cdts & JCR for final approval.

Award Presentation

17. Once the winners’ home RCSUs and Corps/ Squadrons have been notified, details of the award presentation will be discussed and finalized. Presentation options could include D Cdts & JCR (or a representative) attending the cadets unit’s ACR or CSTC ceremony, or attending some other suitable occasion as determined by D Cdts & JCR, in consultation with the RCSUs and Corps/Squadrons.

18. The presentation should be photographed and a corresponding article prepared to promote the event as much as possible, for example, in local newspapers and websites.


Appendix 1

Perron Award Scoring Matrix Standards

Appendix 2

​Application Colonel Robert Perron Awards

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