13-30 Annex A - Application for Excused Absence

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

Application for Excused Absence

1. Identification


Given names: 

Number and name of cadet corps/squadron:




Date de naissance (j/m/a): 

Address of cadet: 

Phone Number: 

2. Application 

Date joined cadets (d/m/y):

Position in corps/sqn

LHQ training completed:

Summer training completed:

Reason for request:

Commencing (d/m/y): 

Returning to unit (d/m/y):

Do you plan to participate in special unit activities? Yes or No

Do you wish to attend summer training? Yes or No

Signature of applicant / Date

Signature of parent/guardian / Date 

Approval of periods under 120 days 

Commanding Officer (CO) print and signature / Date 

CO’s comments

3. Recommendations of periods of 120 days or more (Print, signatures and date)


Area Cadet Officer

Detachment Commander (if applicable) 

4. Approval of periods of 120 days or more (Print, signatures and date)


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