31-03 Annex B - Regionally Directed Activities

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. In addition to delivering the corps program, RCSU CO shall institute Regionally Directed Activities (RDA). The purpose of RDA is to augment the corps program, both to maintain cadets’ interest and to allow RCSU CO to tailor the overall cadet program to match regional interests and capitalize on regional opportunities and resources.

2. In some instances, RDA are needed to support Nationally Directed Activities, thus they shall be conducted. For example, zone, provincial and/or regional regattas are required in order to determine which individual cadets and corps teams will attend the National Sea Cadet Regatta.

3. RDA are sub-divided into two categories as follows:

  1. non-discretionary- activities that shall be organized, funded and conducted under the supervision of the RCSU. These activities include:
    (1) annual zone, provincial and/or regional air rifle marksmanship championships,
    (2) annual zone, provincial and/or regional biathlon (summer and/or winter-style) championships,
    (3) annual inter-provincial exchanges, and
    (4) annual Sea cadet zone, provincial and/or regional regattas; and
  2. discretionary - in addition to those activities programmed in the corps program, other activities may be organized, funded and conducted under the supervision of the RCSU as determined by RCSU CO. Selected activities must be focused on achieving the cadet program aim and participant outcomes and must remain within the cadet program policy and program framework. Possible activities include, but are not limited to:
    (1) additional drill and ceremonial activities such as ceremonial parades and/or drill competitions,
    (2) additional leadership training activities such as senior cadet training concentrations or effective speaking competitions,
    (3) additional recreational sports activities such as inter-corps/squadron competitions, tabloid sports, etc.,
    (4) additional air rifle marksmanship activities such as training sessions, competitions and/or civilian events,
    (5) additional summer and/or winter biathlon activities such as training sessions, competitions and/or civilian events,
    (6) music training activities such as training sessions, band performances, and/or band competitions for both military bands and pipe bands,
    (7) first aid activities such as training courses and/or competitions,
    (8) additional CF familiarization activities such as visits to CF facilities, attending CF displays or demonstrations, interacting with CF members or units, etc.,
    (9) in addition to activities conducted as optional programming by corps/squadrons, conducting Duke of Edinburgh Award Program activities such as briefings or presentations to corps staff, designating specific staff officers at the Detachment and/or RCSU level to be responsible, as a secondary duty, for planning, coordinating and administering the program,
    (10) participation in other sail training activities such as race and coach development sessions, civilian regattas or other sail training events, and
    (11) additional elemental training activities such as seamanship competitions or whaler races, etc.

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