54-26 Annex A - Study Guide to the CF Qualifying Exam for Glider Pilot Scholarship Candidates

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

1. The reference document for the CF Qualifying Exam is "FROM THE GROUND UP" for Anglophone candidates and “ENTRE CIEL ET TERRE” for Francophone candidates. Note that DND does not provide these publications to cadets or sqns for the purpose of preparing for the exam. However, DND will subsequently provide the publication to each cadet who has been selected for the GPS.

2. The initial 40 questions of the exam are for both the GPS candidates and the Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS) candidates, as follows:

  1. Part I: Aircraft Operations, The Airplane;
  2. Part I: Aircraft Operations, Theory of Flight;
  3. Part II: Air Law, Aerodromes and Airspace;
  4. Part II: Air Law, Air Rules and Procedures;
  5. Part III: Meteorology;
  6. Part IV: Navigation and Communications; and

    Note 1: Questions will not be asked on The Astro Compass, Finding the Sun's True Bearing and Preparing the Map for a Flight.

    Note 2: Questions will not be asked on Radio Navigation.

    Note 3: Navigation questions requiring maps, flight plans, and the physical measurement of tracks and distances, etc. will not be asked.

    Note 4: Candidates may be questioned on navigation basics such as the application of variation, deviation and the "one-in-sixty-rule".

    Note 5: Advanced flight computer questions on radius of action, point of no return, critical point, climb, descent, airspeed and altitude conversions, etc. will not be asked.

  7. Part V: General Airmanship.

    Note: Questions may be asked on Wake Turbulence, Wind Shear and/or Ground Effect.

3. The final 10 questions are for the PPS candidates only.

4. Regions are to ensure that the Invigilating Officers understand that they must collect and secure all copies of the CF Qualifying Exam immediately following its writing and either return them to the RCA Ops O or attest to the fact that they have all been destroyed. These exams are not to be used as study material in future years.

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