1000-1 Annex B - Common Terms and Abbreviations

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

Acronym Term Definition
2IC Second in command  
2Lt Second lieutenant  
Admin O Administrative Officer  
  Adult Supervisor An adult supervisor includes a Cadet Instructor, a Civilian Instructor or a Civilian Volunteer.
  Authorized Activity An authorized activity is a cadet organization activity approved under orders of the CDS and constituting a duty for the purpose of section 117.07 of the Criminal Code. Participation by a cadet in an authorized activity begins when they attend at the designated location and within the time period scheduled for the activity and ends when the activity is completed or earlier if they depart from the location of the activity or is dismissed by an adult supervisor. An authorized activity may include travel when explicitly approved as part of the activity. Personal travel by a cadet proceeding to or returning from an authorized activity is not included.
cdt cadet  
CAF Canadian Armed Forces  
Capt captain  
CATO Cadet Administrative and Training Order  
  Cadet Instructor

A cadet instructor is a member of COATS or any other CAF member authorized, under subparagraph 2.034(c) of the QR&O and in accordance with orders of the CDS, to train, supervise or administer Cadets participating in authorized activities.


All CAF members must be at least 18 years of age and shall successfully complete the PRC/VSS screening process set out in CATO 23-04 prior to assuming the duties of a cadet instructor.

CIC Cadet Instructors Cadre  
CI Civilian Instructor Civilian instructor includes Generalist CIs, Specialist CIs or Contingency CIs.
COATS Cadet Organizations Administrative and Training Service  
CoC Chain of Command  
CO Commanding Officer  
Comd Commander  
COS Chief of Staff  
Cpl corporal  
CRPG Canadian Ranger Patrol Group  
CTC Cadet Training Centre A cadet training centre refers to a cadet training centre, a cadet flying training centre, and a cadet music training centre.
CTS Cadet Training Site A cadet training site includes all cadet nautical sites, cadet expedition sites and cadet flying sites.
CV Civilian volunteer A civilian volunteer is a person who provides services directly to or on behalf of DND or the CAF, without compensation or any other thing of value in lieu of compensation, in support of authorized cadet activities and who has completed a reliability screening and has been approved by the applicable League in accordance with the prerequisites prescribed in CATO 23-07.
CWO chief warrant officer  
DAOD Defence Administrative Orders and Directives  
DCO Deputy Commanding Officer  
DComd Deputy Commander  
DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff  
DND Department of National Defence  
HQ headquarters  
IAW in accordance with  
JCR Junior Canadian Ranger  
JCRATO Junior Canadian Ranger Administration and Training Orders  
LCol lieutenant-colonel  
Lt lieutenant  
Maj major  
MWO master warrant officer  
CJCR Gp Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Group
NCM non-commissioned member  
NDA National Directed activity  
OCdt officer cadet  
OIC Officer in Charge  
OPI Office of Primary Interest  
P Res Primary Reserves  
QR(Cadets) Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Cadet Organizations  
QR&O Queen’s Regulations and Orders  
RCSU Regional Cadet Support Unit  
RDA Regional Directed Activity  
Reg F Regular Force  
SME Subject Matter Expert  
Sgt sergeant  
Sup O supply officer  
Supp Res Supplementary Reserves  
Trg O training officer  
Trg Sp Coord Training Support Co-ordinator  
WO warrant officer  
WRT with reference to  
XO Executive Officer  
Zone Trg O Zone Training Officer  

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