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Junior Canadian Rangers Code of Conduct


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  1. The Junior Canadian Rangers Code of Conduct applies to all Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs) in the JCR Program.
  2. The Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and supportive program where everyone feels valued and is able to achieve their maximum potential. Treating each other with respect and fairness, and acting and making decisions in the best interests of others, are integral to maintaining a positive environment; free from all forms of discrimination, abuse, inappropriate conduct and damaging behaviour. Your behaviour, during activities whether in person or online, impacts this atmosphere.
  3. Regulations, policies, directives, orders and instructions have been or will be communicated to you through training.
  4. This code of conduct has been developed to provide an opportunity for you to:
    1. review and discuss key behaviours expected of you as a JCR;
    2. confirm your responsibility to continue to learn and follow regulations, policies, directives, orders, and instructions; and
    3. confirm that you agree to behave in a way that aligns with the values of the CJCR and abide by the laws of Canada, including the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the teachings of your community.
  5. While participating the JCR Program and during all related communications and activities, you must:
    1. set a positive example by your conduct and be kind and considerate of the impact of your actions and behaviour on others;
    2. be honest and treat others fairly, respecting boundaries, personal property and privacy;
    3. comply with all laws, regulations, policies, directives, orders, and instructions;
    4. follow the decisions and directions of your leaders;
    5. use a calm and reasonable tone of voice when interacting with others, particularly when giving instructions or addressing concerns;
    6. ensure that you always act in a safe manner, looking out for the safety of yourself and others;
    7. request the assistance of a senior JCR or adult staff member when you need help, and report any wrongdoing to an adult staff member as soon as possible;
    8. be respectful of the land and your surroundings;
    9. behave in a way that is consistent with this code of conduct while using electronic communications, including your use of social media, email, instant messaging, online chatting, websites and texting, when communicating about JCR activities or members of the JCR Program, even on your own personal time;
    10. take care of clothing, materials and equipment loaned to you, and ensure that you are wearing your uniform as outlined in the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions;
    11. speak only about your own JCR Program experiences and not act as a spokesperson for the CJCR to the media or within any public forum on any topic without permission from your chain of command;
    12. keep personal opinions, improper comments and speculation regarding CJCR policies and programs to yourself or share only within your chain of command. Do not share these in any public forum, whether in person or online; and
    13. refrain from behaviours that are illegal and do not:
      1. intentionally make comments either verbally or in writing, that are critical or disrespectful of any person’s race, national or ethnic origin, skin colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic characteristics, or physical characteristics, by verbal or written comments, gestures, electronic communications, or social media;
      2. engage in conduct of a sexual nature that causes or could cause harm to others, including jokes, remarks or advances of a sexual nature, harassment of a sexual nature, and viewing, accessing distributing or displaying sexually explicit material;
      3. touch any other JCR or their belongings without their permission, except when necessary in an emergency;
      4. attempt to harass, bully, shame or socially isolate others;
      5. take, distribute, or share pictures of others without consent;
      6. act in a way that is considered to be hateful or racist. This includes, but is not limited to, using words, symbols or images that cause or encourage, justify or promote violence or hatred against others;
      7. use or possess tobacco unless it is being used for ceremonial purposes;
      8. purchase, or sell tobacco;
      9. use e-cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol, or illegal or non-prescription drugs, with the exception of over the counter drugs provided by the parent/guardian (i.e. Tylenol, Advil etc.);
      10. possesses, purchase, or sell e-cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol, or illegal or non-prescription drugs;
      11. share prescription medication with any other person;
      12. engage in romantic, sexual, or intimate conversations or relationships with persons in a position of authority over you; and
      13. have any knife, gun, weapon, or ammunition in your possession unless authorized for use during a JCR activity.
  6. Your failure to comply with this code of conduct and policies, directives, orders, and instructions may result in repercussions such as termination of membership in your JCR patrol and/or involvement of the military or civilian police.


  1. I acknowledge by my signature below that I have read and understand this code of conduct, have asked questions for clarification as required, and agree to abide by this code of conduct.


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