10040 Annex C - National Leader Enhanced Training Session

Cadets and Junior Canadian Ranger Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

National Leader Enhanced Training Session

Activity Description

1. The JCR National Leader Enhanced Training Session (NLETS) aims to:

  1. offer older youth an opportunity to take part in age-appropriate, challenging and rewarding training that is unavailable to them in their home communities;
  2. offer youth the chance to travel and interact with peers from other regions of Canada;
  3. maintain or improve retention of older youth and adult staff in the JCR Program;
  4. develop skills required for community building and ETS employment; and
  5. increase interaction between CRPGs for planning, preparation and implementation of a collective training event.

2. Adults involved in the JCR Program will be employed to deliver, support and lead the NLETS, and will then return to their communities with improved skills, knowledge and ability to deliver successful youth programming locally.


3. CRPGs/Divs will be requested, on a rotational basis, to host NLETS.

4. NLETS may be conducted anytime in the calendar year that is appropriate for the activities planned.

5. NLETS are conducted over a period of 7 to 10 days.

NLETS Components

6. NLETS include the following components:

  1. opening and closing ceremonies;
  2. active and hands-on activities, to include training activities from the three circles of learning (Life, Ranger, and Traditional skills), ranging from Learning Stage 1 to Learning Stage 3; and
  3. local cultural activities.

7. Activities must be selected to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles, aptitudes and interests. When choosing activities, organizers need to consider that participants will have widely varying levels of physical fitness and leadership experience.

8. Contractors may be hired to deliver specialized skills and training for reasons of safety and certification.

Leadership Component

9. A variety of leadership opportunities are offered throughout NLETS. These opportunities could include the following:

  1. lead a team;
  2. plan an activity;
  3. confidently perform a new skill;
  4. complete a complex task as a member of a team;
  5. work with others to find a creative solution to a problem;
  6. participate in collaborative games or challenges;
  7. teach other JCRs how to perform a skill;
  8. mentor a peer; and
  9. self-reflect on how to improve their leadership skills.

10. Leadership development of JCRs should be achieved organically, through experiential and progressive learning, with opportunities for youth to develop at their own level and at their own pace.

Billet allocation

11. Each CRPG will be allocated a number of billets on a per capita basis. These will be provided according to the total number of JCRs within each AOR. The CRPGs are responsible to fill, and backfill their allocated billets.

JCR Selection Criteria

12. JCRs are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. be at least 16 years of age at the start of the activity. JCRs who are 15, mature and deserving may be approved for participation in exceptional circumstances;
  2. have parent/guardian permission;
  3. be actively engaged and consistently set a positive example for others in behaviour and attitude in the community program;
  4. have attended a previous advanced ETS;
  5. be recommended by the Patrol AC/Leader; and
  6. be approved to attend by the CRPG CO.

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