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Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

Lord Strathcona Medal Presentation Narrative and Content for Inclusion in Event Programs

Text to be read during the presentation of the Lord Strathcona Medal

The Lord Strathcona Medal is one of the highest awards that can be granted to a cadet/JCR. It demonstrates all that Lord Strathcona himself personified: hard work, dedication, service to Canada, excellence in all pursuits, vision, perseverance and intelligence and a focus on stewardship of our country; its health and vibrancy and that of its youth. 

The recipient today has been singled out amongst their peers for outstanding performance as a cadet/JCR. For demonstrating proficiency in physical fitness and marksmanship, as well as dedication to the program and their country. For demonstrating the qualities of Lord Strathcona and leaving their own personal legacy at this corps/sqn/patrol, and within the community through their service, performance, example and excellence as a cadet/JCR.

I now ask the Reviewing Officer/CO/Community Leader (as applicable) to identify this year’s most deserving cadet/JCR.

Content to be inserted into Event Program

Lord Strathcona Medal Founder: Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal

This very accomplished businessman, politician and philanthropist was born in Scotland in 1820. Throughout his long life, he left quite a legacy in Canada. Here are a few facts about Lord Strathcona:

Donald Alexander Smith was recognized for his many contributions to Canada by being knighted by Queen Victoria in 1886.​

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