6002-3 Management of Mobile Wireless Devices

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

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  1. Identification
  2. Abbreviations
  3. Definitions
  4. Policy
  5. Authority
  6. Scale of Issue
  7. Usage
  8. Request Process
  9. Accountability
  10. Publication
  11. References

1. Identification

Date of Issue: 2020-03-12

Date of Verification: N/A

Application: This is an order that applies to members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and a directive that applies to Civilian Instructors and employees of the Department of National Defence (DND) employed within the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR).

Supersession: N/A

Approval Authority: This order is issued under the authority of the Comd CJCR Gp.

Office of Primary Interest (OPI): CJCR Gp DCOS IM/IT

Enquiries: CJCR Gp DCOS IM/IT

2. Abbreviations

Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
DWAN Defence Wide Area Network
MWD Mobile Wireless Device
SSC Shared Services Canada

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3. Definitions

Cellular phone. A mobile device connected to a cellular network.

Cellular mobile modem. A modem that has the capability of doing both voice and data communications via a cellular network.

Management. Management refers to authorization for scale of issue, acquisition, tracking, utilization, usage monitoring, replacement, and disposal.

Mobile Wireless Device. A mobile wireless device is any technology that is connected to a commercial cellular telephone network, for voice, data or both. Examples include: cellular telephone, smart phone, SIM card, and cellular mobile modem (such as Mifi). Laptop and tablet, although mobile by nature, are excluded from this Gp O and are dealt with as IT equipment. MWDs also exclude satellite phones and radio communication systems.

Smart phone. A smart phone is a class of mobile phones that distinguish themselves by stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating systems, which facilitate wider software, Internet, and multimedia functionality, alongside core phone functions such as voice calls and text messaging.

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4. Policy


4.1 The use of mobile devices is essential in the fast-pace, dynamic DND/CAF work environment. The use of MWDs allow personnel to communicate and perform their duties within the workspace and remotely.

4.2 Each MWD is attached to a commercial account billed to the crown, in addition to its acquisition cost. Therefore the CJCR Gp shall work to employ only the minimal number of devices required to ensure safe, effective and efficient support of the program.

4.3 It is the responsibility of the CJCR Gp to ensure:

  1. MWDs are managed in accordance with all applicable policies;
  2. MWDs are used effectively and efficiently; and
  3. MWD users are educated to the risks for privacy and information security.


4.4 The CJCR Gp shall provide MWDs to its personnel with the intent to maintain a high level of availability and to enable personnel to work remotely.

4.5 The scale of issue of MWDs for cadet corps/squadrons are excluded from this Gp O.

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5. Authority

5.1 DComd CJCR Gp is the authority for the management of MWDs. Under this Gp O, authority is delegated to RCSU/HQ COs for acquisition of MWDs (replacement or new acquisition) and transfer between users. The delegation for replacement or new acquisition of MWDs cannot be further delegated.

5.2 COs are responsible for oversight of usage of MWDs by their personnel, with J6s monitoring and providing reports as required.

5.3 IT SMC is responsible for acquiring devices from SSC and tracking issues related to devices. DND has no delegated or legal authority to contract directly for any goods and services that are in-scope of SSC.

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6. Scale of Issue

Smart Phone/Cellular Phone

6.1 Guidelines for issue:

  1. a smart phone is the preferred option when an individual requires wireless connectivity and/or access to DWAN email services;
  2. a smart phone / cellular phone is associated with a single individual responsible for it;
  3. a smart phone / cellular phone that is shared and associated to a group mailbox “+ mailbox”;
  4. a smart phone is issued for an extended period of time; and
  5. a cellular phone can be issued for a limited or an extended period of time.

6.2 Smart phone / cellular phone can be issued for an extended period, if approved by responsible RCSU/HQ CO. The list below is a guide to support decision making and is not a list of people entitled to obtain a phone:

  1. command teams;
  2. section heads;
  3. selected advisors/subject matter experts who may need to be reached at any time such as PA, J8, Chaplain, Medical Liaison Officer, Information System Security Officer, etc.;
  4. duty personnel;
  5. operations Cell;
  6. staff required for the continuity of operations in case of event (ref Business Continuity Plan);
  7. staff frequently on TD; and
  8. key CTC personnel (seasonal only) such as CO, DCO, Duty Staff and UPAR.

Cellular Mobile Modem

6.3 Guidelines for issue:

  1. Internet connectivity is required for multiple users at one time;
  2. no Wi-Fi or local infrastructure is available;
  3. not intended for a full-time teleworker; and
  4. a user already in possession of a smart phone, should tether (share data connection from their smartphone) by default to gain Internet access when no other option is available.

6.4 Cellular mobile modem can be issued for an extended period, if approved by responsible RCSU/HQ CO. The list below is a guide to support decision making and is not a list of people entitled to obtain a mobile modem:

  1. public affairs staff who need to operate press centers;
  2. personnel responsible for an operations Cell;
  3. as per Business Continuity Plan requirements;
  4. Air Ops maintenance crew if required to use AMS; and
  5. personnel operating training sites (for cadets or adults) or administering a national or regional directed activity.

Temporary Loan of MWD for a Limited Period of Time

6.5 Ad hoc requirements are possible for any type of MWDs (e.g., working group, travel). IT SMC will maintain a pool of MWDs to be temporary loaned for a limited period of time in support of operations and TD. In general, smart phones cannot be provided on a short term basis due to the configuration process. A smart phone cannot be borrowed from another individual as this would give the borrower access to the lender’s DWAN email, unless it is configured as a group phone, associated to a group mailbox “+ mailbox”.

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7. Usage

Acceptable Use

7.1 Acceptable use of an issued MWD includes tasks and operations associated with the efficiency and operation of the organization. Limited personal use that is conducted on personal time, is not for financial gain, does not incur any additional costs for the organization, and does not interfere with the conduct of business is permitted.

7.2 Usage of a MWD for personal matters out of the country is prohibited. It is possible to do so for professional matters in some countries. When travelling outside of Canada, users must contact their local J6, to confirm whether use of a Government of Canada MWD is authorized in the country being visited and how to request permission to use it.

7.3 Users are responsible for ensuring proper use as well as managing associated costs by:

  1. turning off data roaming whenever possible;
  2. using available Wi-Fi access;
  3. only opening email attachments that are essential to business; and
  4. minimizing texting by keeping conversations brief.

8. Request Process

8.1 All requests for an MWD, or to change the services associated with an MWD, shall be approved by the RCSU/HQ CO. The request should be assessed and recommended by the J6. Once approved, the IT SMC will support.

8.2 IT SMC will acquire and manage the inventory of MWDs centrally, based on requirements and approvals. There is no entitlement or ceiling per RCSU/HQ. Requests approved by the RCSU/HQ CO, in accordance with this Gp O will be actioned.

8.3 Requests that do not comply with this Gp Order require approval by DComd CJCR Gp, via the Formation J6.

8.4 IT SMC will validate requests for cellular mobile modems before fulfillment to ensure an appropriate network requirement/connectivity has been considered or is planned.

8.5 MWDs are issued based on position requirements. Any member who has been issued an MWD must contact IT SMC when there is a staff positional change.

8.6 An MWD that is in good working order should not be replaced by newer versions until the MWD is requested to be replaced or updated by IT SMC.

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9. Accountability

9.1 If an MWD is damaged, broken or lost due to negligence of the user, the user may be responsible for the cost or replacement of the device.

9.2 In the event of an audit, the RCSU/HQ CO will be responsible for justifying the use of the devices that have been authorized within their AOR.

10. Publication

Frequency of Publication

10.1 Annual or more frequent review and updates, as required.

Errors/Omissions or Suggestions

10.2 Users of CJCR Gp Orders are encouraged to identify any errors, omissions or suggested orders to the attention of CJCR Gp HQ J1 Policy.

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11. References

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