8060-7 Annex D - Timelines

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)


Due Date
(completed NLT)
Task Responsibility

Upon release

Provide copy of latest ACNTSP to national Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC).


1st Mon in Oct – 15 Jan 

National OGS.


End of Nov

PPTC and GPTC Pre-selection briefing.

1st Mon in Dec Publish/forward interview guides (Board Member and Cadet). CJCR HQ
2nd Mon in Dec

Provide to national ACLC:

  • date pilot exams are to be completed,
  • application deadline for pilot training courses, and
  • tentative merit interview dates with the interview board member guidebooks.
3rd Mon in Jan Publish serials in Fortress. CJCR HQ
3rd Mon in Jan Post serials to squadrons. RCSU
3rd Mon in Jan Compile and forward qualifying exam scores to squadrons. RCSU
4th Fri in Jan –
last Fri in Jan
Submit participation applications in Fortress Squadron CO

Submit supporting documents:

School Report Card/Homeschool package

IACE Destination Request Form

Last Fri in Jan End date for submission of applications in Fortress Squadron CO
1st Mon in Feb

Provide to national ACLC:

  • exam results (number of candidates and pass/fail rates). Inform P/TC Chairs of the top scoring cadets for the flying Exams for each region/province/territory.
  • Merit Interviews dates and venues.
1st Fri in Feb Input qualifying exam scores into Fortress RCSU
Input education scores into Fortress
Confirm cadets meet or will meet all requirements for selection
2nd Fri in Feb Extract data from Fortress Selection Tool and create priority list(s) by region/province, by activity. RCSU
3rd Mon in Feb Provide to Provincial/Territorial Commttiee chairs priority list(s) of cadets advancing to the interview stage of the selection process by region/province. RCSU
Last Fri in Feb Complete merit interview board planning RCSU
Publish merit interview board details

Provide Provincial/Territorial Committee chair names of the League members to be part of the interview boards for their region/province.

1st Mon in Mar – 3rd Fri in Mar Conduct virtual merit interviews RCSU
Last Fri in Feb Input interview scores into Fortress RCSU
Enter RCSU CO priority ranking (IACE) and RCSU Air Ops priority ranking (PPTC and GPTC)

Create regional/provincial selection lists, by activity

1st Fri in Apr

Announce IACE selections


Announce PPTC and GPTC selections


3rd Fri in Apr Confirm cadet selections Squadron CO
1st Fri in May and beyond Provide GPTC and PPTC selection details on a regular basis as cadets accept their offer of participation with PTC. CJCR HQ/RCSU
3rd Fri in May

Submit IACE supporting documents:

  • Passport (copy of page 3)
  • IACE Information Form
  • Digital Photo
Squadron CO
1st Mon in Jun

Submit TCCA CAT 3 MC

Squadron CO
Upon arrival

Collect Passport photos x 2 – PPTC and GPTC

*not required for PPTC cadets who hold current Aviation Document Booklet

Cadet Flying Training Centre Staff
3rd Fri in Jul Archive final data extract CJCR HQ

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