Conduct and Culture Engagements

The Department of Defence (DND) and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) engage with a wide variety of stakeholders and experts to help shape its efforts to evolve its institutional culture.

About consultation and engagement

DND/CAF is undertaking unprecedented efforts to create a safer, more diverse and inclusive Defence Team. The integration of new perspectives and mindsets is critical to achieve a sustainable evolution of our culture and workplace. Meaningful collaboration with external partners and experts is an important part of our processes and efforts moving forward. 

Engagement Framework

In collaboration with various stakeholder communities, DND/CAF developed a Framework for External DND/CAF Conduct and Culture Related Engagement for engaging with external stakeholders and experts on issues of conduct and culture. The framework outlines the vision, objectives, principles, and requirements for external engagements designed to support our renewed efforts to evolve our culture and strengthen professional conduct. The framework promotes a culture of "engagement by design" within DND/CAF, which means we will engage external stakeholders and partners proactively and consistently on relevant activities and key initiatives as well as highlight partners' contributions.

Ongoing consultation and engagement activities

DND/CAF engages in dialogue with individuals, associations, organizations, and other levels of government through online surveys and feedback forms, face-to-face discussions, focus groups and other forums. The following is an example of one of our current and ongoing engagement initiatives: 

Completed consultation and engagement activities

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