Public Statement for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Defence Energy and Environment Strategy (DEES)

In support of the Government of Canada’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have developed an integrated strategy for energy and environmental management, the Defence Energy and Environment Strategy (DEES). The DEES builds on Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy, and reaffirms DND’s commitment to greening its operations.

As DND’s primary vehicle for sustainable development planning and reporting, the DEES contributes to the Government of Canada’s Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) and supports Canada’s vision for sustainable development. The DEES integrates sustainable development principles into DND policies, programs and daily operations, covering a spectrum of environmental issues that include climate change, air quality, water quality and ecosystem health.

Four overarching goals related to energy efficiency, sustainable operations, green procurement and sustainable real property, align the DEES with the federal government’s environmental priorities. Together with 18 concrete targets, these goals support the FSDS priorities of a low-carbon government, safe and healthy communities, and healthy wildlife populations.

In accordance with the Cabinet Directive on Policy, Plan and Program Proposals, a detailed Strategic Environmental Assessment was completed to determine the potential environmental impacts associated with the initiatives and targets identified in the DEES. The DEES will help DND to better manage our energy use and adopt green energy sources for our operations. It will also help to reduce the impact of defence activities on the environment, protect threatened species, promote sustainable buying practices, and protect water resources. Other benefits include reducing the amount of money spent on energy, promoting innovation in the energy industry, and improving the facilities where our military personnel train and operate in defence of Canada.

DND will report annually on its progress in implementing the DEES and meeting its energy and environmental objectives. Through the FSDS and departmental results reporting, the DEES will help to ensure that parliamentarians and Canadians can track DND’s progress in reducing its energy and environmental footprint. Both this strategy and implementation plans will be reviewed periodically to ensure they reflect current policies, operations, practices and technologies.

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