International Commission of Control and Supervision Vietnam (ICCS)

The official description, eligibility, criteria, and history of the International Commission of Control and Supervision Vietnam (ICCS).

International Commission of Control and Supervision Vietnam (ICCS)

International Commission of Control and Supervision Vietnam (ICCS)


Note that although this is a military honour, the Chancellery of Honours at Rideau Hall is responsible for the administration of the replacements.

The 1,160 personnel of the commission were from Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, and Poland. Their role was to monitor the cease-fire in South Vietnam as per the Paris Peace Conference. The Commission arranged the release and exchange of more than 32,000 prisoners of war.

Eligibility and criteria

Awarded for 90 days cumulative service between 28 January 1973 to 30 April 1975.


The medal is a circular, bright gold medal, 1.42 inches (36 mm) in diameter:

On the obverse the symbols of the four contributing countries are displayed in the centre with the Canadian maple leaf in the upper left position, and the Hungarian coat-of-arms, Polish Eagle and Indonesian coat-of-arms making up the other three symbols. Around the edge are the words: INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF CONTROL AND SUPERVISION.

On the reverse a wreath of laurel around the edge and the legend in three lines: SERVICE / VIETNAM / 17-1-73.

There is a small ring welded to the top of the medal. A small ring passes through this ring and attaches the medal to a ring at the bottom end of a thin laurel bar.

The ribbon consists of nine equal stripes: red, white, red, white, light green (center), white, red, white, and red. The red represents Canada, Hungary, and Poland. The green represents Indonesia and the white represents peace.


There is no bar to this medal.


The medal shall be worn in sequence prescribed in the Canadian Orders, Decorations and Medals Directive, and in the following manner: on the left breast, suspended from the ribbon described above, after the ICSC medal and before the MFO medal.


The use of a post-nominal is not authorized for this medal.

Historical notes

The following is a list of members who have died while serving in the theatre of operations:

  • Capt Laviolette, C.E.

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