Officer of the Order of Military Merit (OMM)

The official description, eligibility, criteria, and history of the Officer of the Order of Military Merit (OMM).

Officer of the Order of Military Merit (OMM)


Established by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 1 July 1972, the Order of Military Merit (ORMM) honours conspicuous merit and exceptional service by members of the Canadian Armed Forces. His Majesty King Charles III is the Order’s Sovereign, the Governor General is its Chancellor and the Chief of the Defence Staff is its Principal Commander.

Eligibility and criteria

Appointment to the rank of Officer of the Order of Military Merit recognizes outstanding meritorious service and demonstrated leadership in duties of great responsibility.


The insignia of the order is a blue-enameled, straight-end cross pattée (four arms, narrow at the centre and expanding towards the ends). The badge is edged in gold and bears a gold maple leaf in its center, on a white background, surrounded by an annulus enameled red which bears the inscription "MERIT-MERITE-CANADA" in gold, the annulus being surmounted by the Royal Crown enameled in full colours. The reverse is plain with the exception of an inventory number. The Officer’s insignia has a small ring on the top arm through which another small ring attaches to the ring at the bottom of a gold laurelled bar (three rings in all).

The ribbon of the Order is blue, 38 mm wide, with gold edges (4.8 mm).


There is no bar to the Order of Military Merit, but one can be promoted within the Order.


The insignia of Officer shall be worn following the Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in the sequence prescribed in the Canadian Orders, Decorations and Medals Directive, and in the following manner: worn on the left breast, suspended from the ribbon described above. The lapel badge, a blue cross with a gold maple leaf centre, is worn on the undress ribbon. Elevations within the order are indicated by the wearing of the lapel badge of the current and previous levels on the undress ribbon.


Recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters “OMM”.

Historical notes

As of 31 December 2021, there have been 1,361 appointments at the Officer level of the Order of Military Merit since its institution in 1972.

Each insignia is numbered on the reverse but not named. The names of the appointees are published in the Canada Gazette. Appointments are usually announced in December of each year and one cannot be appointed to the Order posthumously.

The insignia was designed by Captain Bruce Wilbur Beatty, CM, SOM, CD (Retired) and, since 2014, is manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint at its Ottawa facility.

Members of the Order are authorized to act as Voluntary Presiding Official at Citizenship ceremonies.

Members of the Order also have access to certain benefits generously offered by the French Société nationale d’entraide de la Médaille Militaire.

Société Nationale d'Entraide de la Médaille Militaire (SNEMM)

For more information on the history of the Order, please consult The Order of Military Merit (PDF part 1, 9.6 MB; PDF part 2, 9.2 MB; PDF part 3, 13.9 MB) published in 2012 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Order, The Order or Military Merit, Register, 1972-2017 (PDF, 2.9 MB), published to mark the Order's 45th anniversary, and The Order of Military Merit, Golden Anniversary Register 1972-2022 (PDF part 1, 6.6. MB; PDF part 2, 1.5 MB), published to mark the Order's 50th anniversary.

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