St. John Provincial/Territorial Commendation

The official description, eligibility, criteria, and history of the St. John Provincial/Territorial Commendation.

St. John Provincial/Territorial Commendation


The Provincial/Territorial Commendation is awarded by the President of a Provincial/Territorial Council of the Priory of Canada of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem to acknowledge a contribution which deserves recognition but which does not meet the criteria for admission or promotion within the Order itself.

Eligibility and criteria

The Provincial/Territorial Commendation is an exceptional distinction that is personally awarded by the President of a Council to recognize a particularly meritorious contribution to the Order on the provincial scene. Any person, whether a member of the Order of St. John or not, who has performed an exemplary deed or activity in the pursuit of the objectives of St. John that is worth of provincial or regional recognition may be awarded the Commendation. A maximum of six may be awarded in any given year in each Provincial/Territorial Council.


The insignia for the Provincial/Territorial Commendation is a silver bar bearing a white Maltese cross edged in silver. The bar bears a number on the reverse.


Not applicable


The insignia is worn on the uniform in accordance with A-AD-265-000/AG-001, CF Dress Instructions below the St. John Chancellor’s Commendation. The award also comes with a lapel badge which can be worn on civilian attire when the wearing of medals is not appropriate.


Not applicable

Historical notes

The Provincial/Territorial Commendation was created in 2006 and is accompanied by a silver-embossed scroll, inscribed with the recipient's name and an appropriate citation, and signed by the President of the Provincial/Territorial Council. The scroll bears a number corresponding to the number engraved on the bar itself. The names of the recipients are kept in a register at the St. John National Office.

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