• A-DH-265-000/AG-001
  • (Supersedes A-AD-265-000/AG-001 dated 2016-09-09)
  • Issued on Authority of the Chief of the Defence Staff
  • OPI: DHH
  • 2017-02-01


  1. A-DH-265-000/AG-001, Canadian Armed Forces Dress Instructions, is issued on authority of the Chief of Defence Staff.
  2. The short title for this publication shall be CAF Dress Instructions.
  3. A-DH-265-000/AG-001 is effective upon receipt and supersedes all dress policy and rules previously issued as a manual, supplement, order, or instruction, except:
    1. QR&O Chapter 17 – Dress and Appearance;
    2. QR&O Chapter 18 – Honours;
    3. CFAO 17-1, Safety and protective equipment - Motorcycles, Motor scooters, Mopeds, Bicycles and Snowmobiles; and
  4. Suggestions for revision shall be forwarded through the chain of command to the Chief of the Defence Staff, Attention: Director History and Heritage. See Chapter 1.