HMCS Montréal

The official lineage of HMCS Montréal extant commissioned ship.




Azure per pile transposed Argent above two bars wavy in base Azure a coronet of fleur-de-lis andmaple leaves Azure fimbriated Argent.


The ship is named after the city of Montreal. The badge depicts a stylized mountain bordering a river, and superimposed upon the mountain, a coronet of fleur-delis and maple leaves. The river represents the St. Lawrence River; the mountain, Mount Royal, in the midst of the city. The coronet indicates the mountain's royal name and is composed of fleur-de-lis and maple leaves, the former in recognition of the city's role as the leading metropolis of the province, and the maple leaves of the ship's status as a Canadian ship of war. The white and blue colours on the badge are those of the flag of the Province of Quebec.


TON BRAS SAIT PORTER L'ÉPÉE (We stand on guard for thee)


White and Blue

Battle Honours

The Second World War

ATLANTIC, 1944-45.


First of Name

  • Shore establishment.
  • Naval Reserve Division, Montreal, Quebec.
  • Commissioned as a tender to HMCS Hochelaga II 1 November 1941.Footnote 1
  • Recommissioned as an independent shore establishment 1 September 1942.Footnote 2
  • Paid off 26 October 1943 and redesignated HMCS Donnacona.Footnote 3

Second of Name

  • Frigate, River Class.
  • Commissioned 12 November 1943.Footnote 4
  • Paid off 15 October 1945.Footnote 5

Third of Name

  • Frigate, River Class.
  • Commissioned 12 November 1943.Footnote 6
  • Paid off 15 October 1945.

Operational history

The Second World War

Montréal served on escort duties in the North Atlantic with the 'Mid-Ocean Escort Force'.Footnote 7

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