426 Transport Training Squadron

The official lineage of the 426 Transport Training Squadron.


Squadron standard

Squadron standard



Argent a thunderbird adorned.


The thunderbird is a mythical bird, the sight of which is supposed to cause havoc and death to those who perceive it. It was the name given by certain Natives to the first aeroplane they saw. The thunderbird signifies disaster to those on the ground who have incurred its displeasure.



Battle honours

The Second World War

ENGLISH CHANNEL AND NORTH SEA, 1943; BALTIC, 1943; BISCAY, 1943; FORTRESS EUROPE, 1943-1944; FRANCE AND GERMANY, 1944-1945; Biscay Ports, 1943-1944; Ruhr, 1943-1945; Berlin, 1943-1944; German Ports, 1943-1945; Normandy, 1944; Rhine.


Authorized 15 October 1942 and incorporates the following units.

426 Squadron

  • Authorized as 'No.426 (Bomber) Squadron' 15 October 1942.Footnote 1
  • Redesignated '426 (Transport) Squadron' 25 May 1945.Footnote 2
  • Disbanded 31 December 1945.Footnote 3
  • Reformed from the Dartmouth detachment of '164 (Transport) Squadron' (see below), 1 August 1946.Footnote 4 See also 435 Squadron.
  • Disbanded 31 August 1962.Footnote 5
  • Reformed as '426 Transport Training Squadron' 3 May 1971,Footnote 6 '4 Field Technical Training Unit' (authorized 10 March 1959)Footnote 7 and '4 Transport Operational Training Unit' (authorized 1 March 1952).Footnote 8

164 Squadron

  • Authorized as '164 (Transport) Squadron' 23 January 1943'.Footnote 10
  • Divided into two units, with the Dartmouth detachment being redesignated '426 (Transport) Squadron' 1 August 1946, as above.

Operational history

The Second World War

  • 164 Squadron flew on transport operations on the Atlantic Coast under 'Eastern Air Command'.Footnote 11
  • 426 Squadron flew on bombing operations in Great Britain under 'Bomber Command'.Footnote 12

United Nations Operation-Korea-1950-1953

The squadron was employed in the airlifting of soldiers and equipment from the United States to Japan.Footnote 13

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