Operation CONNECTION (I)

International Information

International Operation Name: Operation CONNECTION (I)

International Mission Name: Operation CONNECTION (I)

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Africa

Location: Kenya

Mission Date: 17 November 1997 - 15 May 1998

Canadian Forces (CF) Information (CONNECTION (I))

Canadian Task Force Name Mission Statement: To gain insight into the operations of a Canadian non-governmental organization in foreign countries, by providing a CF officer to work with CARE Canada.

CF Mission/Operation Notes: In April 1996, during Exercise Collaborative Effort, CARE Canada proposed that a Canadian Forces officer be attached to their organization. The aim would be for the CF to gain an insight into the duties and responsibilities of Canadian non-governmental organizations in foreign countries. Later in 1996, approval was given for this attachment, given the name Operation CONNECTION.

The first CF officer was attached to CARE Canada as of 17 November 1997. As part of this attachment, the captain deployed to Kenya to first work on CARE's emergency flood relief efforts in the Garissa district, and then in Dadaab on the refugee assistance project. This deployment lasted from 1 February to 1 May, with the periods before and after Kenya being spent in CARE's head office. The attachment to CARE Canada ended on 15 May 1998.

The next rotation involved a deployment to Albania. The captain started her employment with CARE Canada on 14 March 1999, deploying to Albania on 19 April. The primary task was aiding in the Kosovo refugee crisis. This field tour ended in early August, and the tour with CARE on 9 September.

The final rotation with CARE was again to Kenya. The tour with CARE started on 27 November 2000, with the captain arriving in Kenya on12 January 2001. The tasks included working with the Community Initiative for Child Survival in Siaya project and assisting in enhancing the capacities of village health communities. The officer returned in late April and the attachment ended on 27 May.

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