Dominica 1989

International Operation Name: not applicable

International Operation Dates:  not applicable

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name:  Caribbean

Location:  Dominica

Canadian Operation Name: (Dominica 1989)

Canadian Operation Dates: 1989/07/01 – 1989/07/30

Mission Mandate:

To deliver humanitarian supplies to the island nation of Dominica

Mission Notes:

426 (Training) Squadron trained both air crew and ground crew for Boeing, Buffalo, Challenger, Cosmopolitan and Hercules operations. As part of the Advanced 510 Series of training flights that took the squadron’s Hercules into the Caribbean, the squadron would deliver humanitarian supplies to nations in that region. These deliveries were at the request of service groups in Canada, the requests being vetted and prioritized by Air Command.

In 1989, 426 Squadron undertook four sets of flights into the Caribbean: January, April, July and October. The flight in July delivered supplies to the island nation of Dominica; however, the contents of the cargo and the organization on whose behalf the supplies were delivered are not recorded.

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