Ireland 1985 (AIR INDIA)

International Operation Name: not applicable

International Operation Dates: not applicable

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Europe

Location:  Ireland

Canadian Operation Name: (Ireland 1985)

Canadian Operation Dates: 1985/06/26 – 1985/06/26

Mission Mandate:

To airlift underwater listening devices and equipment to Cork, Ireland

Mission Notes:

On 23 June 1985, Air India Flight 182 exploded over the Atlantic Ocean off the southwest tip of Ireland.  All 329 people onboard were killed.  That same day, a bag off-loaded from a Canadian Pacific Airlines flight in Narita Airport, Tokyo, exploded while awaiting transfer to an Air India flight.  That explosion killed two Japanese baggage handlers and injured four others.  Both explosions were ascribed to Sikh terrorists living in Vancouver, Canada.

In the aftermath of the explosion of Air India Flight 182, efforts were made by several nations to locate the remains of the aircraft and retrieve the black boxes.  A CC-130 Hercules was dispatched from 435 Squadron to Andrews Air Force Base, outside Washington, DC.  Here it picked up underwater listening devices and equipment, which were then flown to Cork, Ireland.  The date of this flight was not noted in the squadron’s annual historical report; however, it is believed to have taken place about 26 June.

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