Buckingham Palace Guard Duty - PARAPET I

International Information

International Operation Name: Buckingham Palace Guard Duty

International Mission Name: Buckingham Palace Guard Duty

Mandating Organization: Government of Canada

Region Name: Europe

Location: London, England

Mission Date: 14 April 1998 - 25 May 1998

Mandate: To conduct guard duties at Buckingham Palace and other venues in London

Narrative: In late 1997, the Chief of the General Staff of the British Army invited the Canadian army to provide a Queen's Guard that would include ceremonial and security duties for the Royal Household. Although largely ceremonial, the contingent would support of the London Police in maintaining night-time security. The provision of a Guard was considered complimentary to the re-opening of Canada House in London. Approval to accept this invitation was made in January 1998. 

On 14 April, the order was issued for the Queen's Guard, with the name of the tasking to be Operation PARAPET. The contingent from 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry was to also provide a Guard of Honour for Her Majesty the Queen at the re-opening of Canada House on 13 May. The contingent consisted of 96 individuals, including a colour party and a small music section. They would mount guards at Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace and the Tower of London between 29 April and 23 May, except for 12 to 15 May when they would participate in the Canada House re-opening. The tasking ended on 25 May.

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