Operation UNCLENCHED FIST (Gulf War)

International Information

International Operation Name : Operation UNCLENCHED FIST(Gulf War)

International Mission Name : Operation UNCLENCHED FIST(Gulf War)

Mandating Organization : Government of Canada

Region Name : Europe

Location : Germany

Dates : 17 January 1991 - 8 March 1991

Mandate : To provide logistics support from Canadian Forces Europe to US Army in Germany.

Mission Notes : As a result of the huge quantities of munitions expected to be moved to the Gulf, the US Forces in Europe requested logistical assistance from Canadian Forces Europe. Named Operation CLENCHED FIST, this involved making available nine 35-ton trucks and military personnel to move munitions from storage points at US facilities in Germany to the Morbach railway station. Authorized on 17 January, the operation continued until 1 March. From 1 to 8 March the operation was reversed, with munitions being returned to their storage facilities. Overall, Canadian trucks transported some 10,000 tons.

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