Operation LEAVEN

International Operation Name: United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF I)

International Operation Dates:  1956/11/05 – 1967/06/17

Mandating Organization: United Nations

Region Name:  Middle East

Location:  Egypt

Canadian Operation Name: Operation LEAVEN

Canadian Operation Dates: 1967/05/29 – 1967/05/31

Mission Mandate: To evacuate Canadian forces from Egypt

Mission Notes:

When Egypt demanded that UNEF leave its territory on 16 May 1967, Canada was among the countries that tried to persuade President Gamal Abdel Nasser to rescind his request.  But when these attempts proved fruitless, the UN had to react, and withdrawal was the only course of action.  The RCAF began to evacuate the Canadian contingent on 29 May, finishing the job two days later.  The Six Day War began on 5 June.

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